Synopsis of: The Final Goodbye

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                                                             (This is Book #1 in The Lancaster Series)

Sophia Lancaster's world was suddenly shattered only moments before her wedding to Jeremy Thompson was to begin. Not only did the cad make a shocking confession to her that he had impregnated another woman, but he also had the nerve to tell Sophia that he felt "honor bound" to marry the other woman! Living in such a small town can be tough on a jilted bride when one's former fiance, and his new wife, also happens to live there so Sophia prays for a way out and is willing to do almost anything to make that happen. 

 Travis Ewing is a widower and successful Texas ranch owner with two young children who need a mother. He doesn't desire love, what he wants is a marriage of convenience. He places an advertisement in the newspaper looking for a mail-order-bride who can meet his requirements: she needs to be able to cook, clean, and help raise his children. 

 Not long after being left at the alter, Sophia spots the advertisement and cannot help but think that it was Fate's way of answering her prayers so she hastily mails a response and lies about her level of experience regarding Travis's requirements in a wife.Upon her arrival in Texas, Sophia barely gets a proper introduction to Travis before they are married in a quick court house ceremony. Then all hell breaks loose when he learns that Sophia is just some privileged beauty who had admittedly lied about her lack of qualifications. Furious, Travis demands their marriage be dissolved but Sophia's determined to win him over and does everything she can to show him that she is truly capable of being a rancher's wife and a mother to his children; even if that means she has to hide a shocking medical diagnosis that she received shortly after her arrival. 

Follow Sophia's journey through hell and back as she fights for the one thing she truly believes in: love. This is an emotional and suspenseful love story with a twist, and be sure to check out the sequel called: The First Hello which is book #2 in The Lancaster Series. 

 *Rough Draft. May contain typo's.* 

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