Chapter 22

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Chapter 22

It was already half past 5 and the glaring sun had started to slowly make its way to the horizon. Dan and I patiently waited, watching it slowly go further and further down. We had decided we needed to search for the person or thing that had recently been in our house. Using our scent hopefully we would be able to get a good enough idea of the direction that this person had travelled in.

I occasionally looked over to where Dan was seated he looked bewildered in his own thought. As if it was only him sitting here. Like as if I didn’t exist.

I know he didn’t mean it. I sighed.  He needed to concentrate to think of a plan to find this dangerous creature (or whatever it is). But I felt so lonely. It was my birthday after-all. 

“So what to do you think it was?” I needed to break the silence somehow and this was the only way that didn’t make me seem desperate.

He looked up for a minute and then continued looking at his large grey boots.

“I'm not sure.” He said without much thought. Although I know he has been thinking about it for the last few hours. He just hasn’t come to any conclusions yet, or he just isn’t interested in a conversation at the moment.

I nodded and quickly looked away and trying to hide my disappointment in lack of conversation.

Why am I being so selfish? Dan needs to think, and I need to understand that and stop bugging him!

I leaned back in my chair thinking about what had happened today and before not long I was getting up and walking away.

“I'm just getting a drink, I will be back soon.” I stated blankly and continued to walk into the near kitchen.

I knew this was important, and I knew that he needed to concentrate. So why was I being so selfish? Immediately I felt guilty.

Once I entered the kitchen I instantly could smell a terrible stench. I quickly covered up my nose but before I could reach, I saw a bat swinging straight towards my face.

The chilly breeze wakes me from my deep dreamless sleep and I quickly roll over onto my stomach wrapping the toasty doona around me.

Suddenly I hear a small snarl close by. My eyes shoot open almost straight away. I swiftly roll back onto my back and sit up straight. But before I got a good enough look of my surroundings I hit my head on a pole and fell back down again. It didn’t hurt.

I quickly touched my head for support and sat up again.

I gazed around the familiar room and noticed three people standing in a circle deep in discussion.

The room was painted a burgundy colour and was dimly lit, with no visible windows. My attention focused on a tall muscular figure standing at the edge of my bed, his emerald coloured eyes glaring deeply into mine. I quickly diverted my gaze down towards the floor.

After about a minute I was starting to wonder if he was still staring at me. I glanced up towards the man and to my surprise he was much more handsome than I had recently perceived. His deep brown hair fell perfectly in front of his left eye. I stared in amazement at his perfect build.

I heard a small cough and my gaze shifted quickly to the man’s handsome face only to reveal a smirk covering his entire face. Turning my eyes away from him I quickly looked back to the ground. A blush made its way onto my face.

He just saw me checking him out! Katie? What the hell are you thinking?

“Hello, my name is Kevin.” It wasn’t only his looks that were amazing but his voice was extremely attractive as well.  I decided the best I could do was ignore him.

Why does this have to happen to me? How could my life be any less confusing? I was beginning to get so sick of this.

I got kidnapped by vampires, then kidnapped from the vampires by who knows what and then taken back to my first kidnappers and now I have been kidnapped again! It didn’t worry me as much anymore. Of course I was worried but I guess I wasn’t as panicked anymore.

I sat up in the bed leaning my aching head against the cold wall. I shivered as pain shot through my body.

“Hi Katie?” It was that voice again. Aarggh. I looked up to his face. He was now sitting across from me on my bed. How did he know my name? I don’t even care! I violently threw my leg up and kicked him in the thigh. He winced but shortly the wince turned into a smile. He brought his hands up to my face a put pressure onto my cheeks making a baby gesture.

“Nawww, now aren’t you cute?” He asked in his baby voice I made a face of disgust and rolled my eyes pushing his hand away immediately.

“Leave me alone.” I was now irritated and angry. I glared into his eyes in frustration. He just smiled in return.

“Are you hungry or thirsty?” He asked ignoring my last command. As if on cue my stomach rumbled, I quickly turned away feeling a blush coming on. I used the doona to cover myself and layed back down.

“No. Now. Leave. Me. Alone.”  He smiled ignoring my irritated tone.

“Now, come on. I know you’re hungry.” He teased, taking away my doona.  I continued to ignore him.

Of course I was hungry. I hadn’t eaten in who knows how long. But even though it was a lame attempt to get freed I was still going to ignore them and defiantly not eat.

All of a sudden I felt myself being lifted into the air.

“Let me go!”      I yelled quite angry as I fiddled around in his grip. I'm a vampire! I should easily be able to free myself.

My attempts to loosen his tight grasp around my waste failed and only seemed to annoy him.

I relaxed my body and fell limply into his grasp, soon enough he placed me onto the shiny tiles in a room that must have been a kitchen.

He gave me a glass of water straight from the tap and I had to accept it due to the lack of fluids in my body.

He gestured for me to take a seat at the table, I did so unwillingly. I took a large gulp of water and felt a nice sensation when the fluid touched my dry lips.

I looked up after finishing gulping down the entire glass, only to see the guy smirking.

“Thirsty?” he asked sarcastically, raising his eyebrows. I quickly turned around, he sighed deeply.

“By the way my name is Zane.” He stated still looking at me. I ignored him staring at the wall. Normally I would be staring out a window so I didn’t look like an idiot. However there didn’t seem to be any windows here at all. I sighed and continued to stare at the wall.

I wanted to leave. I wanted to go back to Dan. I needed Dan. I knew he would eventually come. I guess I will just have to wait. There isn’t much point in me trying to escape. I have no idea where we are, nor what these people are capable of.

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