Chapter 1

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"Bella, our up next" I quickly gave myself a once over and left my room. I got behind the curtain and posed so did the other girls my best friend known as Cee-Cee was on my left and the slut who was known as Cayla on my right. I was the most famous one here, people came from all areas to see me dance. I was wearing a very revelling outfit and the men cheered when they saw us. My mask was on my face and no one could recognise me. I began to strut forward and wrapped myself around the pole, I was in the centre grinding up and down the pole. I was mid-way through my first dance when a guy came in everyone went silent and watched as he took the main VIP person seat fight in front of me.

I wasn't a striper I was just a dancer in this club, I didn't do sex in fact I am still a virgin, however guys to try and get me after the shows but I always refuse. Cayla on the other hand is a slut; she spreads her legs for any man that will ask her.

The guy was sat in front of me and I moved around the stage, the song ended and the next one started. Being the main girl I get responsibility to make sure all VIP guests are tended to well. They all tend to be rich jerks who will take any chance to cop a feel. I walked towards the edge of the stage and leant forward. Two male dancers helped me off and I was directly in front of him. He watched my every move and I danced around his chair, I put my hands on his shoulders and danced around him. He didn't once try to touch me, I finished my dance and he dropped a huge stack of cash on the stage in my spot and walked right out. He turned around winked at me and left.

I was pulled back stage by Cee-Cee and she squealed, "OMG Bella did you know who that was" I shook my head no. But he was fit as hell.

"He was James Hill, he owns the club you remember, and he owns pretty much every club in the city"

"Are you serious" I knew his name but I had never seen him, considering this club is that popular you'd think he would come here often.

"Yes and omg you touched him Cayla is going to be so pissed" she laughed and I took her back to my room. We sat down and there was a knock on the door. Dan came in and smiled.

"Hey honey, I need you to get changed and come to my office" I nodded and stood up.

Dan was like a father figure for me and his wife was like a mother, I was put up for adoption when I was born and had been in foster care, it was my 16th birthday and the guy who was living with us and looking after us tried to hurt me he hit me and was going further but one of the women came in. He said he wound me crying and hurt. I ran away that night before anything could happen and Dan found me, now 7 years later he still is as nice and as sweet as when he found me. I loved dancing as a child and he knew I would be good at this so he trained me from when I was 18 to dance and I've been doing that ever since.

I got dressed quickly and went down to Dan's office when I went in James was there, he had a glass of vodka in his hands and his Armani suit jacket was neatly put on the chair. His tie was undone and he had rolled up his sleeves, boy did this man have arms.

"Hey Bella, come in, this is James Hill I assume you know who he is"

"Hello" I said I put my hand out and he shook it

"You look just as beautiful as you did on stage, even more so now I can see your full face" he smiled at me and his complement made my heart flutter. No stop he's way out of your league.

"Thank you, um sorry to be rude but what am I doing here"

"Bella sit down we need to discuss something" I nodded and sat down, James sat next to me and I looked at the stack of papers on his desk.

"Bella you're the best we have but James needs you at the moment, he will explain" I looked at James and he pushed the stack of papers towards me.

"I need you to be my girlfriend for public reasons, my parents are trying to set me up with this girl and I told them I had a girlfriend, I have a few family events over the next couple months, my parents birthdays and my sister's wedding along with my birthday. I need you to be my girlfriend and you will get paid"

"Are you serious" I looked at him and he nodded

"Honey this could be good for you, you need to get out where do you go besides here and home" I mumbled nowhere. "Exactly, think of this as a paid vacation for 3 months, all you have to do is act like a couple with James"

"Why me there are millions of other girls wanting your attention" I spoke out

"Yes there is but all of them are rude and fake, you seem genuinely nice and you have manners. Not to mention you are by far the most beautiful woman I have ever seen" I blushed red,

"If I agree" I asked

"You will live with me for three months and after that you come back here. Read through the contract and tell me tomorrow night" he got up kissed my cheek and left.

"Honey I think you should do this, anyway go home it's late" he gave me a quick hug and I went back to my room. I gathered my stuff and got in my car and drove home with Cee-Cee.

"So what did he want" we were eating Chinese take away and I explained everything to her, I read through the contract and everything was pretty clear. "I think you should you need to get out of this town I have never seen you leave"

I went to bed and thought about it the whole night,I couldn't sleep.

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