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Hay p.o.v

So the doctor came back with the results.

"Mr. Young you are............Not the father."

Me and Roc screamed I stood on the chair and started twerking. "Hell yea nigga!!"

"W-well who is it?"

"Joesph Martin. Sorry ma'am." We walked out.

She was too stunned to move.

"How shall we celebrate?" Roc was giving me a piggy back.

"Mmm, you know what sounds good?"

"Congradulation sex."

"Haha, no, Some hot cheetos, pickles, cheese and peanut butter. With milk. Mmmmmm."

"Your lactose and tolerant to dairy."

"I know but I just craavvee for it so bad."

When we got home I went to the kitchen. Roc was using the bathroom. I rushed to the trash can and threw up.

"Babe, do we need to get you checked out?"

"Nah," I wipped my mouth and stuck hot cheetos in my pickle and drizzled can cheese on it and put a spoon full of peanut butter on it and ate it. "Mmmmm, paradise. Want some?"

"Eh, no. Do we have some left over pregnancy test in the cabinet?"

"I think why?"

"I think your pregnant."

"Me, pregnant?" I chuckled.

"Think about it. The cravings, sudden throwing up. We having another little one running around."

"Welp lets see." I ate the last of my pickle supreme and went to the bathroom. I peed on the stick and me and Roc waited.

"Imma be so excited if we have another baby!" Roc said

"Double the trouble!" I said

"Surprisingly she's not that bad." Roc said

"Yet." We chuckled.

"If so she's gonna be bad like you." Roc said

"who said its gonna be a girl?"

"I did."

"If its a boy he gone be a pervert like you."

"You love this pervert."

I kissed him. "You know I do." I grabbed his collar bringing him to my level and I kissed him passionately. He grabbed my butt. We had a tongue war. Ainr we just a freaky ass couple? Haha. The pregnancy test beeped.

"Positive!!" We jumped for joy.

Prince p.o.v

When I woke up all I saw was the twins in bed. Wheres Ashley? I went to grab my phone and I noticed a note.

Babe went to handle some business. Tired of this basic chicks ruining everyones lives. Like im so tired. She went way to far. -Sincerely a good girl gone bad.♥

What to do, what to do! Can't leave the twins. Call some one Prince.

I called Ray.


"Ray?" He sounded hurt.


"Is you coo?"

"Nah RJ hit my dick with hit toy hammer."

"Ouch sorry dude, nevermind. Feel better."

"Yea ok"

Okay nevermind. Prod yea call Prod.



"I need you and Roc to do me a favor."

"Yea sure what is it?"

"I think Ashley trinna kill Ella!"

"Hahaha Little ole Ashley? Yeah Right."

"Look man just go to Ellas house! I don't need my baby in jail!"

"Okay okay! Ill do it."

I hung up. Please be safe Ashley. Hell yea Ashley doing something like this sound sexy but I don't need her to go to jail.

Prod p.o.v

"Babe, Wake up."

"Hmm," We were watching Battleship. We mustve fell asleep.

"I gotta go. Be back."


I got in the car and called Roc. I told him the plan. I picked Roc up.

"Why you smiling so damn hard?!"

"I'm gonna be a daddy to 2BABBBBBYYYSSS!"

"Hahaha, congrats bro."

We got to Ella's house.

"Is that Ashley's car?"

"Yeaa c'monn!"

We ran in the house.

"Im tired of yo Basic Ass!" Ash yelled.

"She cussin now?" I whispered

"I guess so" Roc whispered back.

"I-Im Sorry Ashley! Don't cut m-me! I have a c-c-child!" Ella cried.


"I said Im sooorrrryy!" She was in tears.

Next thing you know Ashley charhed toward at full speed with the knife. Me and Roc caught her just in time.


"Woahhh there Ashley!"

"Lemme Go!!""

"Ashley your out of control calm down Sis!"

"Lemme just get one cut!!"

"You already did!!"

Ella had a slice on her cheek.

"Lemme get her neck. LET ME!"

She got out of our grip. Roc picked her up and threw her over his back. I snatched the knife.

"LEMME GO! AHHHH! ELLA YOU SAY SHIT AND ILL COME BACK FOR YO ASS TEN TIMES WORST! ILL GET MY GIRLS AND THEY'LL TAG TEAM YA ASS !" Ella sat there crying holding her cheek. She should be glad its a minor cut and she doesnt need a doctor.

Roc threw Ashley in the car. And we got in.

"What the heck happened Ashley? One minute your cussing The next your cutting. You better not go psycho on us!" Roc said.

"Nah, just tired of Basic chicks messing with my family. Ya'll only seen Half of this." We arrived at the hospital.

Prince sat there looking out the window. Ashley sat her purse down and he ran to her hugging her.

"Baby. Are you okay."

"Im fine Prince. Stop acting like Im a little kid." She pushed him away. She changed.

"Yea we're gonna leave now." And we left.

Ash p.o.v

Ya'll didn't expect this huh? Told you good girl gone bad. Tired of people running over me.

Me and Prince sat in silence.

"Look Ash I wasnt trinna Ba-" I just kissed him. I got on his lap and made out with him. I put my hands on his cheek.

"Its okay. Don't talk about it no more."

(A/n Alright So, how was it? Hay's pregnant again. Ashley gone bad. Oh my gosh. Till next time loves Vote-Comment)

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