Chapter 4

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The picture is of Percy's wings when he was on planet Chaos.

Percy POV

I waited while Chiron processed the information that I gave him. Then he said, " I thought he faded away a long time ago." " Chaos just simply cut connections with Earth.", I informed him. He thought for a moment longer, then said," I understand. Now we only have the issue of why you are here." I proceeded to tell Chiron the plan for the second Titan War. He was suprised to hear that there is going to be a second Titan War.

"Well, I guess you will be staying in the Poseidon cabin then?" Chiron asked. "Yes, I will, but first I need to change my eyes to sea green and erase the daughter of Athena's memories of my eyes." I said. I closed my eyes and prayed to my father to do both. If I had my other powers then I could do it myself, but now I need to ask my dad whenever I need something like erasing memories done.

When I opened my eyes they were a bright sea green. With my natural jet black hair and swimmer's body, my look screamed 'Poseidon'. " You should probably get some rest then come to the pavilion for dinner tonight. I will also introduce you as a son of Poseidon.", Chiron suggested. I nodded and turned to go to the Poseidon cabin, but Chiron said," Perseus, there is going to be a game of capture the flag tonight. Be prepared."

" Don't worry, how strong can the competition be?", I said lazily over my shoulder as I went to take a nap. What can I say? Traveling through the Void takes a lot out of you.

LINE BREAK..........

The dinner horn woke me up. I stood up and stretched, hearing the satisfying pop of my shoulder blades. I quickly walked over to the dining pavilion. As soon as I stepped in everyone started looking at me. Am I late? Oh well. I briskly walked over to the Poseidon table and sat down. A camper stood up and said,"Hey kid that's the Poseidon table." Chiron sighed and said," Everyone, may I introduce to you Perseus Jackson, son of Poseidon.

To say everyone was surprised was an understatement. Everyone gasped and I recognized Annabeth looking at me with wide eyes. When she noticed me looking at her she quickly looked away with a blush and slight scowl on her face. After a few minutes Chiron stood up and announced that it is time to prepare for capture the flag. Chiron then said," Who will take Perseus in their team?" Annabeth stood up and said," We will Chiron." "Thank you Annabeth. Now with that note, good luck!"

As soon as he said that, various weapons and armor filled the tables. I saw helmets with red plumes and helmets with blue plumes. Judging by what helmet Annabeth was wearing I deduced that I was on the blue team. I quickly strapped on my armor and grabbed a helmet. I didn't need a sword because I have an enchanted sword that is in pen form right now. I just have to uncap it and it will become a sword.

I walk over to Annabeth and asked her what the plan is. She said, " You are on border patrol. Since the creek is the boundary you should be fine alone..." I nod as she gave me my job. "  Thank you for taking me into the team.", I told Annabeth. She gave me a funny look and said, " Just do your job properly and we'll be even, okay?".  Chiron cantered over and yelled," As usual, I will be field medic and referee. The game ends in 15 minutes. It starts now, go!" As soon as he said that we all ran to our positions.

Since I was the only one on border patrol, I ran there alone. When I got to the creek, I only had to wait a minute until I heard swords clashing. I waited a few more minutes until 6 Ares campers burst out of the brush." You're going down Jackson.", one of them said. They already remember my name. Would be kind of touching if I wasn't about to kick their asses. One of them had a spear, and the rest had swords, three broadswords and two long-swords. The spear guy lunged at me with a rather clumsy thrust, and I grabbed the middle of the spear, pulled him toward me and punched him in the face, knocking him out. I swung his spear and hit one of the broadsword guys in the head with the non-business end, the camper's helm making a satisfying ring.

The other 4 backed away a little in surprise. I took advantage of their surprise and dropped the spear, instead reaching into my pocket and withdrawing a ... pen. The guys looked at me incredulously, then one of the long-sword users got brave and attempted to charge me . Key word: attempted. I simply uncapped the pen and he had to skid to a halt when a black sword materialized in his way, the tip centimeters away from his plume. He stared down my leaf shaped blade with silver runes etched into the metal right above the hilt. I cocked my arm back and hit his temple with all of my strength; with the flat side of  my sword, of course. 

Decapitating campers is really not a good way to help me 'fit in'. Then one of the slower ones with a broadsword swiped at me. I quickly deflected the strike and slammed the hilt of my sword into his head rendering him unconscious. This is much too easy,I thought. I used the water in the creek and surrounded the last 2 in a cage of water. When they tried to get out using their swords, the cage mended instantly.

When I looked back I saw Annabeth run across the creek holding the other team's flag. When she got across, a conch horn sounded, signaling the end of the game. Chiron bounded into the clearing, telling yelling,"Blue team wins!"Blue team cheered until a loud growl was heard. I turned and saw red eyes glaring at me. A hell hound bounded right at me, but before it could reach me a dozen arrows appeared in its head. It disintegrated on the spot.

Chiron lowered his bow, then said," That was a hell hound from the pits of tartarus. It would have needed to have been summoned through the barrier by someone. A camper had let it in."

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