Chapter 49

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A sunny and uncharacteristically warm day for late autumn was the perfect setting for a rather dangerous undertaking. But Harry Styles was unafraid; if he was honest with himself he was completely content with the situation.

"Yay!" She clapped her hands together and did a little dance in her seat as Harry bowed his head and tried to look annoyed rather than amused. "This is so exciting."

He was glad to do it, amazed that she was an adult woman who had absolutely no idea how to maneuver a car. He felt it was the least he could do after all she'd done for him; not to mention the fact that if all went according to plan she would need to learn to drive.

She would need to be able to get away, quickly and quietly and on her own.

It would have been easy to forget the deals made with Tomlinson and the plans made with Zayn - who's shoulder wound had healed up nicely and who had since left the apartment to go home to his none too pleased fiancée. Harry had come to find something of normalcy; his job bussing tables at the bar, his hobby of working out at the gym with Niall, and even music was beginning to find its way back into his life. He occupied his time at all times and the nagging want of h began to slightly ebb away, to fade to the back of his mind, never completely gone but capable of being ignored as long as he stayed occupied. He busied his hands, careful to never allow them to be idle, and tried to keep busy lest his mind decide to wander; it was a dangerous wander. It liked to wander to quite inconvenient places, especially since he and she were so often alone in her apartment together, and she was keen to walk about the space draped in a towel as though that were somehow safe to do. She was quickly becoming as problematic a thought to him as the memory of h. She, however, would not be relegated to the back of his mind no matter how much time he spent spinning with Niall or how many glasses he washed at the bar.

She was constant. She was normal; she was responsible for the order that had returned to his life. The aforementioned normalcy. As he watched her grip the steering wheel, trying and failing to look serious rather than giddy, he knew better than to trust a moment of it. This was not his real life; this was but a short reprieve: soon enough the Turks would come with his ransom, and he would be back about the business of robbing the wolf. He couldn't afford to lose sight of his reality, and unfortunately this was not it.

"Come on Harry! I'm not going to crash it I promise!"

She rolled her eyes and shoved him playfully, impatient to start her lesson and he shook his head a bit to rid it of the train of thought it'd been going down.

"Ay, apologies Kitten. I just..." He thought of coming up with a lame excuse, a fantastical lie about the daydream he'd lost himself in. He decided against it. "I just was thinking about how life really is."

"It's wonderful."

She flashed him a smile and put the keys in the ignition, grinning brightly as it revved for her. Harry directed her to step lightly on the gas and hold the wheel steady, and the car crept slowly forward in the deserted parking lot of the long charred building.

By the time the lesson ended so they could get ready and be at work on time she'd learned to coast lightly to a stop and make appropriately sized turns. She smiled at him for the rest of the night, a slight blush to her beautiful brown skin that had nothing to do with her makeup. There was joy radiating off of her constantly; Harry didn't quite know what to make of it. It slightly terrified him, for every moment of happiness for her was a distinct relief to him ever since witnessing the look on her face and the change in her demeanor after the Turkish men accosted her in the mall.

He never again wanted to see the cold steely look in her eyes, or watch her become so fragile and despondent - although at the moment it was hard to imagine that woman was the same as the one who stood before him, flirtatiously tilting her head from side to side as she angled to get her own way once again. She was tough and resilient, pushy as all hell.

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