Chapter 41

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(Sinead's POV)

I pulled up my trouser leg and saw that the fake leg the Leighanna got me had began to scratch my amputated leg. I wanted to tell someone, but I know we have better priorities right now. We all sat in silence for a while whilst Alfie spoke to Francesca about leaving. "Megan?" I asked. "Yeah?" Megan asked back. "Actually, don't worry..." I replied. "No, go on... What?" Megan asked. Sara, Lauren, Leighanna, Connor and Charlotte looked at me. I got up. "Can we talk somewhere a little more... private?" I asked. "Uh, yeah sure!" Megan worryingly said.

I walked over to the kitchen. "What's the matter?" Megan asked me. I didn't say anything. I just lifted up my trousers. "Ouch!" Megan whispered. "I saw you lift your trousers up a minute ago but I didn't know why. Maybe I can find you some cream for that when we go out. Maybe on the way to Leighanna's." Megan said. "Thank you!" I praised.

(Alfie's POV)

I walked into the bedroom door. "It's me, Alfie. How's it going in here?" I asked. "I've spoken to mum and she agrees that she was a bit harsh. When I knocked her out, she realised that life is precious. She had a dream about something that she didn't really want to tell me about." Francesca replied. "And yourself?" I asked Francesca. "Yeah I'm fine." Francesca replied.

"Look, we figured it would be safer for everyone down at Leighanna's house. It's just across the street." I stated. "Now that you have agreed not to do anymore harm, we... I mean I, would like you to come with us. What do you think?" I asked.

"We were talking, I think we are going to find our family, there is a good chance of most of them still being alive." Tiffany said. "No. No! You guys cant leave. If you come with us, we will come with you to help you find your family!" I begged.

Francesca looked at her mum. "Fine!" Tiffany said. "Good, We'll leave soon, get everything you need!" I said whilst throwing a few bags to them.

Leighanna came up the stairs with Connie. "Here you go!" Leighanna said violently whilst giving Tiffany the baby. "Leighanna, I'm sorry. I was going crazy, I didn't know what came through me. Please forgive me!" Tiffany begged. "Look, I just think we need a little time." I said. Leighanna and I walked out and downstairs to go and pack.

(1 hour later)

"Guys! I think you need to take a look at this." Sara said as she looked out of the window "What is it?" I asked. Everyone rushed up to the window. "Shh! They'll see you!" Sara whispered. A massive herd walked past. "We might not be able to go soon." I said. Bang! A loud smash against the door was heard. "Oh no!" Lauren said. "Oh no indeed!" Connor replied. I ran over to the door and looked through the peep hole.

"MUM!" I shouted.

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