- I Can Make It Go Away -

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"Y/N can we go into my office please?" I ask her nicely, she was talking to Newt. "Oh hi Ava, sure! I'll see you later Newt okay?" She kissed him on the cheek, smiled and walked with me to my office.
"What's up Ava?"
"You've gotten too strong Y/N"
"Um ok. What does that mean?"
"It means you have two choices, we can terminate you, or we will put you in the maze with group A" I watched her face drop, "t-t-terminate Me? You mean kill me right?" She said folding her arms, it didn't seem to phase her, everything she's been through I'm not surprised, I nodded at her. "Ok, is group A Newt's group?" She asked, her voice got a little higher and a smile crept over her face. "Yes you will be in Newt's group!" I said gently, I knelt in front of her and put both hands on her knees. "Now in the maze we are going to take away your memory, you will still know everything but you will have no knowledge of the people or things in your life" her face dropped. "So Newt won't remember me? And I won't remember him?" She said, she looked so innocent. "No sweetheart. But you won't remember the pain you've been through, and we have the technology to fix the scars and veins on your skin, you won't have anything to be worried about" I couldn't help but feel horrible for what I've done to her. "Good, I don't want to remember my life. I only want Newt" a tear escaped her eye. "I am sorry for everything sweetheart, I wish I never did this to you. You will have Newt, he will be in the maze with you and you can be happy!" I said wiping the year away. She smiled sweetly and wrapped her arms around me, I hugged her back and squeezed. "It's okay Ava. I forgive you. Just make me forget" she whispered to me. I fought back tears and when I pulled away I nodded. "I'll make you forget Y/N. You can go now!" She stood up and smiled at me and left the room, I couldn't fight my tears anymore.

Readers POV
I left Ava's room and wiped another tear from my face, I hate what they have done to me, but it's the only thing Ive ever known. Pain. I was relieved that I'll finally be able to forget it, but I didn't want to forget Newt? what if in the maze he doesn't love me like he does now, then what do I do?
Newt was waiting for me and pulled me into a hug. Newt knew what my life was, he saw my scars and veins and bruises and he loves them. "What was that about love?" He looked at me. "I'm gonna be in the maze tomorrow with you!" I saw his face light up, "that's amazing!" He shouted and hugged me again, then he looked me in the eyes "oh wait but I won't remember you" his smile soon disappeared, "and I won't remember you" I replied. "Hey! It doesn't matter. We will find each other again in there, don't worry! We are meant to be together greenie!" He kissed me sweetly. Newt calls me greenie because the first time he saw me I was wearing all green, yeah It wasn't a great look.

I woke up in my bed and I when I walked to the bathroom I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. My scars, veins and bruised, blue tinted skin were gone, instead I had smooth, pristine skin. I was beautiful. I got dressed in the clothes they had given me to wear in the maze. And I ran to Newt's room. "NEWT LOOK!!" He rubbed his eyes and looked at me, his eyes slowly got wider and he looked my body up and down. "What the bloody hell happened to you!" He said walking towards me. He ran his hand over my smooth skin. "Ava did it, she said it would make me feel normal in the maze" I was over the moon.

I lay on the table lined up next to the other boys, on my left was Minho and on my right was Newt. Above me were these machines that would insert a little device in my brain to remove my memories. It was scary looking. I turned my head and looked at the beautiful boy led next to me, I'm going to wake up and not know him. That made me sad. "Hey we will find each other again, I promise!" He says and stretches out to hold my hand. The machines started lowering. "I love you Newt" I said as the machines got closer. "I love you too greenie!" Newt said loudly just as the machines covered our faces, I felt the little wires enter my ear and then nothing.

Ava's POV
I watched as Y/N and Newt's hand grew limp, their fingers let go of one another. "Are they all ready?" I said walking into the room of teenagers. "Yes" Janson said awaiting me to give the next order. "Let's put them in the maze then. Phase one begins now!"

Now you know what happened before the maze, next chapter will be picking up from where the last book left off!
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