Life Of An Undefined Teenager

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  • Dedicated to All the teens that feel identified with this story...


Being a teen is not easy.I think everyone know that.It's a crazy world for us,we leave childhood and we start a new life.There's no going back again.That's why we need to enjoy our lives.This story is about me,Katherine,just a teenager as everyone else and a girl that goes to High School.Life isn't easy for a teenager in highschool.There are many things like bullies,boys,friends and teachers.Some don't understand what it is to be a girl.We have our things.For some girls,their world is about fashion,clothes,shoes,accesories,make up and all of that stuff.For some is just to be the most intelligent person,go to Harvard or to a nice college,even if they bully you.And for others is just about music,life,friends and normal stuff.Im undefined.I got my best friend,Gaby,she is just like me.We get crazy every day of our lives at any time,anywhere.Our friends tell us that we are ''The Crazies'' of the class.Others,the ones that love fashion and that stuff,are the leaders of the school,the ones that boys try to go out with.Others are just the nerds.But some are nothing,its like they are invisible,and they bully them or just because of problems they arent in any groups.In my class we can say there's one of those,he is always alone and some boys bother him.His name is Joe.If you get to know him he can be a great person with you.Some dont even notice him.That's what highschool is about.Surviving.I think i wouldnt survive with my best friend.She is the type of girl which i can share my secrets and talk about anything.She loves to sing every single time of the day.But even they look at us like ''omg look at that girls,thay are so crazy'',we dont care,we just wanna have fun.Im not good at Math.I really suck at it.My favorite subject is Social Studies and Grammar/Literature.I enjoy reading and writing.It my way to loose myself in other world.I share my feeling by writing.I wanna share my life with people that read this.I would love to be a great writer or a graphic designer or a phtographer.I can imagine myself working in a newspaper with my own column,a weekly one.It would be amazing.

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