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Just My Imagination

LaMelo's PovChino Hills, CaliforniaJuly 15th, 2018

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LaMelo's Pov
Chino Hills, California
July 15th, 2018


"Melo come on It's just hair" Gelo groaned laying back in his chair. "Just hair my ass bro- I need my hair" So Amanda get grip it  while I'm putting in that work of course. "It'll grow back Melo" My mom stated softly.

"No it's notttt" I whined falling onto the couch next to Manda. My head rested on her thigh, and she ran her finger through my curls. "Plus I like think kind of treatment" I closed my eyes for about 5 seconds and someone threw a pillow at me.

"I'll literally give you a hundred dollars" I thought about but even that's not really a lot of money. I shook my head and my dad spoke up. "Add $500 to that" I sat up slowly and looked over at them. "800 LaMelo, take it or leave It" I sighed loudly before making my way to the chair. "Fuck all of y'all" My dad laughed loudly and the guy put the thing around my neck.

"How are you getting it?" He looked at me then the others. "Just like mines" Zo said making me look at him. He had the shortest waves I had ever seen. I wanted to fucking cry. "Just hurry up man" I mumbled to the barber.


"My forehead to small now" I said looking into the little handheld mirror. I got up from the chair and wiped myself off. I scanned the room and saw that Amanda and my mom were missing. "Where momma and Manda go?" Zo was the only one close enough to here me. 

"They went outback on the patio, you look good though lil bro. I'll teach you how to maintain them later though" I nodded at his words, and took off my shirt since it was getting kind of hot. I threw the shirt over my shoulder, and started looking for them. 

I saw the two of them sitting in lawn chairs, Deuce being in Amanda's arms fast asleep. When I reached their view, my mom started laughing. "Looks good Melo" She spoke still laughing a little. "You wouldn't be laughing if I cut yours off"

I nudged her playfully and sat on the arm of Manda's chair. "Your forehead kind of small" I slowly turned my head to Amanda and mugged her. "I know that women, but y'all didn't stop them either" She shrugged her shoulders, adjusting Deuce on her chest. 

"Imma leave y'all to it though I kissed my mom's forehead and shoved Amanda's head. The two just laughed and continued their conversation. 


I had the little talk with Zo earlier, but now I was helping Amanda unpack in the guest house. She's supposed to be staying until after my birthday. Apparently she has some job to prepare for that starts up soon.

"So what's this job all about" I asked her stuffing the last suitcase at the top of the closet. "I'm working at this school, not permanently though since i plan on moving to Australia in a couple of years."

I turned and looked at her crazy. "Mama.. Australia.." She rolled her eyes and sighed. "Melo I told you about this last year" I huffed, crossing my arms, making sure to face the opposite way of her. 

"But its like a 24 hour difference.. and you're gonna be so far away" She laughed and pulled my into a hug. I wrapped my arms around her waist and laid my head in the crook of her neck.

"No sex..." She burst out laughing and pushed me away. "Who said I wanna have sex with you" She questioned as I pulled her closer to me. "I did" we were inches away from kissing when we heard Deuce crying through the baby monitor.

She walked out the room to check on him, and I fell back on the bed. "Is this what having a child feels like?" I spoke to myself. Every time I'm so close to getting some, someone or something stops it from happening.

I got myself together and made my way downstairs. I grabbed a Gatorade and some skittles  before heading out to the main house. I was going to ride to the store with Gelo. 

He was surprisingly already in the car so I just got in. "Where my bestfriend at?" He asked pulling off. "In the guest house with Deuce?" I said more of in a questionable way.  "Is their something going on between the two of y'all? y'all seem a lot more close than usual"

Yes but he doesn't need to know that. "Nothing other than my 'childish' crush on her, which she finds cute by the way" He rolled his eyes and we pulled up to the store. As soon as I got out the car, I spotted Ashley walking this way.

When I turned to get back in the car, Gelo grabbed my by the back of my shirt. "Woah- where you going lil bro" I pointed at Ashley who was getting closer by the second. He looked between me and her before saying something. 

"Come on man, this could help you get over your little crush on Manda" shit if only he knew. He was inching me towards her and handed me my phone. "Hey Melo" She spoke confidently, pushing her boobs up.

"Ashley" She pouted and looked up at me. Lopsided ass lips. "You never texted me back" yeah and I really don't want too. "Oh uh- I accidentally deleted your number and couldn't find it" Such a great excuse Melo.

"oh- well hand it here silly" I hesitantly handed her my phone. This is gonna backfire on my somehow. "Text me Melo" she spoke, handing me my phone back. I swiftly walked away and got in the car.

"I hope you got ALL of your shopping done already because you're taking me home right now" He shrugged getting in the car. "I can just do it tomorrow- how'd it go with Ashley though?" I shot him a harsh glare. "It was fine.

This nigga really gonna make me get my ass beat.


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