Chapter 1

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Today was the day, I was dressed in white and was ready for this step in my life, I was 23 and Jake and I had been together for a year and today we were getting married. Jake was a business man and I was an employee in his company.

Dad came in and hugged me, "Honey are you ready" I nodded and took his arm. The music started and the door's opened. We walked down the aisle and dad kissed my cheek.

"You look beautiful" Jake whispered. I smiled and the priest started.

"Do you Lexi Ann take Jake Hudson to be your lawfully wedded husband"

"I do"

"And do you Jake Hudson take Lexi Ann to be your lawfully wedded wife" Jake stared at me and I waited for him to answer.

"No" he let go of my hands and I stumbled backwards. There were gasps and murmurs around us and my eye's filled up. He took off running down the aisle and I stood there not knowing what to do. My brother, Jay took my arm and sat me down.

"Lexi" my mom hugged me and I burst into tears

"Mom what did I do why did he go" I was sobbing in my mom's arm's. I grabbed my purse and got in Jay's car and sped off home. I ripped my dress off and threw it on the side.

I changed into something comfortable and started pulling all the pins out from my hair. I took off all my make-up and collapsed on my bed. I was crying so bad and my mom came in.

"Honey, I'm so sorry" I cried into her chest for ages. The next thing I remember was waking up in an empty bed the next morning.

I had lived with Jake for the past three months we were in love and he proposed to me. I was so happy. I hadn't had sex with him I was waiting till after our wedding. Maybe that's why. All these thoughts and questions had racked my mind. Why?

I spent the next month trapped in my bedroom, mom used to bring me food and force me to eat. I didn't want to I didn't have the heart to carry on. Because I was now known as the Girl who was left at the Alter.

"Lexi, I have had enough. Get out of this damn room. He is finished with you and you don't need him. Listen to me you will find someone better" my best friend Bell was shouting at me. She had been giving me lectures every day and I had finally given up.

"Bell fine" she had found a job in New York and had an apartment set up there too, she wanted me to go with her. I had talked to mom and dad and they thought it was a good idea too.

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