The pad of my thumbs traced the soft material of my satin tie which masked his emerald eyes. His hands vulnerably reached forward, his fingers grasping my waist. But as I thought he was left clueless, his pink lips formed into a smirk.

"You blindfolded the wrong person. I could do this in my sleep." He spoke, the words rolling off his tongue effortlessly.

His toned body pinned mine to the bed, his damp torso on top of mine. Our foreheads touched, the tip of his nose nudging mine lightly as I brought my hands to his chest, feeling his tensed muscles. He finally connected our lips, but broke apart as soon as they touched to trail down my body.

He placed harsh, long kissed to my neck, lowering slowly and sensually. His teeth grazed my abdomen as he lifted my shirt to reveal my stomach, where his chin nuzzled deeply into my skin as he presumably wanted to look up at me. "Put a pillow behind your head."

There was already one I was laying against. "Okay."

I stayed silent as he kept us both still, but then his lips parted. "Is your head on a pillow?"


Before I could process any area of my brain I was forcefully flipped onto my aching front, my face and forehead slamming down into the pillow as his hands held my waist from behind. He palmed my body, sliding his hands down to my hips where he surprisingly gave my behind a harsh, quick smack. His fingers hooked back under my leggings, yanking them down and letting them stay just above my thighs.

My underwear wasn't at all fascinating or sexy, so the blindfold was a continuing bonus.

I felt his teeth press into my back, his mouth grazing lower and lower until he grabbed hold of my behind, squeezing and playing with it roughly. Suddenly his teeth firmly bit down onto my already sore and smacked behind, causing me to squirm in frustration.

"Talk to me, Harley," He murmured seductively. "Tell me what you want. Use your words."

I involuntary moaned as continued to massage my skin and mercilessly taunt me with his skilled talk. I bit my lip before parting them. "I want... what you want."

"Do you want to hear what I want?" He deeply asked, and I groaned in response. "I want you bent over, right in front of me. Then I can strip you down to nothing and tie you to the bed stand. I want to fuck you so hard you're screaming my fucking name."

It went silent, the only sounds were the heavy exhales leaving my mouth.

"Do you still want what I want?" He asked, and I didn't reply. Soon enough he began to lowly chuckle. "On the other hand, I'm pretty content on going down on you."

He flipped me again, so I was laying breathlessly on my back. His hands immediately tore my underwear and leggings away, leaving me bare to his masked stare. I looked carefully down at his heated red face, his lips lowering to my thighs where he placed warm, long kisses. I shook anxiously, my fingers trembling as they played with the hem of my shirt.

His hands spread my legs apart, and I felt the ache between them. I longed desperately for his touch, I was craving him. And soon enough, his lips went to my centre and brushed against me. I quietly gasped, the odd yet sensual touch washing over me in pleasure as his tongue slowly began grazing against my core. He moaned quietly as he nuzzled his face between my frail, trembling legs; his lips placing open mouthed kisses to tease.

"Oh, Harry," I cried. "It feels so good."

His arms were wrapped around my legs from underneath, his hands resting flat on my stomach as his mouth focused solely on pleasuring me. His tongue suddenly touched somewhere more sensitive, and the intensity increased as I began screaming and panting from the friction. His hands held me down securely, his tongue getting back to work.

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