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The Story of Daygun (The Last Battle of Atlantis 1stChronicle)

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Foreword Author’s Note

Chapter I

The Finding

Chapter II


A Labyrinth of History

Chapter III


The Birth of a Great Warrior

Chapter IV

Diplomacy to a Conquered Kingdom

Chapter V

Façade of Two Nations

Chapter VI


Politics and Trust

Chapter VII


The Sporting Arena

Chapter VIII

Love and Family

Chapter IX

A Different World – A Different Time

Chapter X


The Beginning of the End

Chapter XI


The War Between the Gods

Chapter XII

The Beginning of a New World

Chapter XIII

The Fear of Darkness

Chapter XIV


The Betrayal

Chapter XV


The Tightus

Chapter XVI

A Younger Brother Takes Charge

Chapter XVII

The Unknown Hero

Chapter XVIII


The Armada

Chapter XIX


Waiting for the Door

Chapter XX

Small Window of Opportunity

Chapter XXI

The Holy City

Chapter XXII


The Ultimate Sacrifice

Chapter XXIII


The Last Battle of Atlantis

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