Taurus: The Depths of Fear (Chp.1)

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A zodiac symbol won't determine what kind of person you are; however, fear will.

Chapter One:
In our society, fear rules us. Fear keeps us aligned with the universe, fear keeps us in place. But why? Why should we fear anything? The only thing that we should fear is fear itself-it holds us back from the inner power that is held within us. I guess fear is alright, because some of us have too much power within ourselves. Our zodiac symbols determine which abilities we will have when we reach the age of sixteen. Yeah, that sounds great- unless you are a Taurus. At the age of sixteen, Taurus' get the abilities of control. We get to control minds, thoughts, and even actions. People are afraid of that- people fear that. Why am I telling you this? I am fifteen right now. What happens when I turn sixteen? I get three choices: 1.) I can be executed, 2.) I can be put to work and put to jail for life, or 3.) I can run and hide for life (my choice). This will be my life. Fear does terrible things to people. Fear will one day bring us all down to our knees, if not already. Fear fear itself.

"Zoelle T. Brooks, you are hereby deemed as a Taurus Zodiac symbol. You will two choices: execution or a labor and imprisonment sentence. You have five minutes to choose your choice and say goodbye to your family forever" the man said. The court mocked me, cursed me, hated me. I felt an inability to breathe. I went to my twin sister, Zara, and hugged her goodbye. I said no words to her, and she said no words to me. Her turn was next. "Be strong" I tell myself. I walk up to where the judge was standing,
beads of sweat rolling down my neck. I opened my mouth to speak. "I choose to-".
I sat up in my bed, gasping from the nightmare. Zara sat up in her bed too, although she looked as if she had been up for hours. "Another bad dream?" She asked. I turned my head and looked out the window. It seemed quiet outside, but I could practically feel the buzz of the city and it's people. I turned my head back to Zara. "Yeah" I responded in a cracking voice. "I'll get you a glass of water, if you want?" Zara said. "Sure, that'll be nice" I responded. As she left our room, I got up out of bed and looked out the window again. "Why did this have to happen to me?" I asked myself. I'm sick of hiding. I'm sick of being treated unfairly. I'm sick of everything. I turned away from the window and got out my clothes for the day, when Zara came with my glass of water. I took a sip of water and set it on the dresser, satisfaction taking over me. That only lasted for a second. I then realized that satisfaction won't change the world, won't change my world. Fear will.
I went and changed into today's clothes. I wore leather leggings with a black t-shirt. Zara changed as well; she wore distressed jeans and a white t-shirt that had the word "hope" written in cursive and centered in the middle. It's nice to find the smallest amount of hope in something. There always a small amount of hope in everything. Zara and I left our apartment to go to school. Of course the people that run our school know that we are Taurus'. We don't get treated worse than other students though. The people who run the school just calmly wait for that one day. They wait for that one day when both Zara and I receive our punishment for something that we can't change. How ignorant.
Zara and I walked together to the bus stop. When we reached the bus stop we waited. Waited. Waited. And then finally, two of our best friends arrived. "Hey guys" Avalon greeted. "Hey" I said. "Hi" Zara said. I looked down to the ground and kicked a pebble into the street. "What's wrong Zoelle?" Our other friend, Deporah, asked. "I've been thinking too much, that's what's wrong." I answered. I looked up at Deporah, a crooked, but compassionate, smile spreading across her face. "I know exactly what you are thinking about. Zoelle, you have to live in the moment. I know it is hard for you, but you will know what to do when judgement day comes. Okay?" Deporah asked. "Yeah." I replied, but by looking at my eyes, she could see what was going on inside of me. She knew very well that I still was not reassured. "Zoelle, you know good and well that you are not the only one suffering." Avalon mentioned. "I'm a Taurus too!". "Yeah, yeah." I responded. After our little talk, we all just stood there and waited for the bus, dumbly. We were all thinking about our fate. In this society, there is no destiny. Only a great or terrible fate.

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