Now the only way to find out: Ask Mason himself.


I arrived at the classroom on time, but for some reason everyone was already in their seats today.

Glancing in the back I found my seat, Mason was surrounding it with a few other guys that were talking to him. By the looks of it he wasn't really paying attention. He would nod here and there as they spoke to him, but I could see he was really thinking about something far off from what the other boys were talking about.

Smiling at the teacher, I made my way down the aisle to my seat, clearing my throat so the boys would move and allow me in my seat. Mason seemed to snap back to reality and momentarily I caught his gaze, then I looked down and slid into my seat, grabbing my binder out of my bag.

The bell rang and everyone settled down as the teacher began to go over the lesson plan for the day. I was paying attention but my mind only comprehended half of what the teacher was saying. He began his lesson and I took notes, side glancing at Mason to see he was actually taking notes this time too.

20 minutes went by and the teacher had finally concluded his lesson, then handed out worksheets that were due at the end of the class and wrote the homework on the board. I received my worksheet and began to speed through it, it was mainly review for a chapter test coming up.

"Ehem." I felt someone's presence next to me, I stopped writing and slowly looked up.

Mason was smiling and pointing at his notebook, tapping on it with his pencil. "I took notes this time. But I still don't get it, can you help me?"

I let out a sigh but inched closer, maybe I could talk to him about Jimmy. Easily, I explained the lesson and he took it all in, commenting or questioning here and there. We managed to finish the classwork and homework with five minutes to spare.

"That was so much easier! For the first time I actually get Spanish."

I laughed and changed the subject, remembering Jimmy. "Umm... Can I ask you something?" I questioned, he stared at me smiling,

"Of course."

"How do you know Jimmy?"

He was silent for a second and he looked around the classroom for a few seconds before he spoke out again.

"Well... We use to play a sport together. And we were really good friends."

"Used to..?" I pried, I just felt the urge to know what happened.

"Umm.. How much has Jimmy told you?" He stared at me curiously and his gaze momentarily caught me off guard.

"N-not much really... Except for you know..."

"The whole 'stabbing a kid' incident?" he commented monotonously

I choked on my own spit and stared at him wide-eyed, how can he be so open about it like that?'

"Y-yeah. T-that..." I sputtered out, leaning in the other direction. He didn't look like a violent kid, but you never know. He was very built which could give him a scarier impression, but his face was so sincere...

Just as I snapped out of it I saw that he was carefully observing me.

"Didn't mean to scare you." he whispered, his lip twitched into a small smile.

"N-no. I'm n-not scared." I stuttered. I know it didn't sound believable, but it was true. I wasn't scared, just extremely surprised.

He spoke about it so.... carelessly. It just caught me off guard.

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