Chapter 40

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(Tiffany's POV)

*Sharpening a knife*

"Who first?" I asked Connie as she lay asleep in her cot.

(Leighanna's POV)

I had my ear up against the door, I heard everything Tiffany was saying. "Ha! I knew it" I shouted whilst bursting through the old, undecorated, wooden door. Tiffany sat there with a - small, but sharp - kitchen knife in her hand. Connie awoke and started to cry. "Well Connie, I think we know who's first then don't we?" Tiffany said sarcastically. "Alfie!" I screamed.

Tiffany grabbed my hair; pulled me towards her and put the knife around my neck. Francesca and Alfie came rushing up the stairs. "What is it?" Alfie said whilst ripping the door open. I started to cry. "Please help me!" I cried. "Mum! Stop!" Francesca shouted. "No!" She replied. "Mum just let her go, we will be leaving you tonight!" Francesca yelled. "What? Why are you leaving me?" Tiffany said whilst slowly pulling the knife away from Leighanna. "The original plan was to leave with you, but now you have done this, I don't think we can trust you anymore. Whether you're my mum or not!" Francesca said. "Let me go, you stupid old hag!" I shouted as I kicked Tiffany in the knee.

Tiffany fell to the ground dropping her knife. "Even though my mum did what she just did, you don't speak to her like that!" Francesca said whilst swinging her clenched fist at me. I quickly ducked as it came at me. Francesca completely missed me and hit her mum, who was directly behind me, in the nose. "Mum! I'm so sorry!" Francesca shouted. Connie started crying again. Alfie picked up Connie and started to bounce her up and down to calm her down as I got up from the floor.

"Are you okay?" Alfie asked me. "Yeah I'm fine. Its not me who just got punched by a maniac." I said whilst looking down at Tiffany. Alfie and I left the room with Connie and let Francesca and her mum lay there together.

(Tiffany's POV)

(Tiffany's Dream)

"This is a broadcast telling you to stay indoors! Anyone outside will be lucky to survive, I repeat anyone outside will be lucky to survive" The news reader said panicking. I looked at Mario. "Do you think this is just a prank?" Mario asked. "No, they wouldn't put it on all channels! We need to get the kids!" I said. "We cant! We will die!" Mario shouted. I started to cry.

(After a long 9 months)

"Mario!" I shouted. A sudden pain started in my stomach. "Oh No! I think the baby is coming!" Mario rushed over to me! "I am not trained in this stuff I don't know what to do!" I shouted.

"Mum?" Francesca wondered. "Are you awake?" She said. "Yeah, Yeah... I had a horrible dream Hun, but I am fine!" I replied.

(Alfie's POV)

"What the hell is wrong with her?" I asked. "I don't know when I went up there I heard her sharpening a knife which she must have gotten from the kitchen and saying 'who first'" Leighanna replied. "I think we need to go, without them." Megan said. "I cant leave the baby here with them and Francesca is a good use for us she is brave and strong, she is the glue that holds this group together!" I stated. "I agree, but that Tiffany woman is a maniac!" Sinead said.

I thought about it for a while... Leighanna's old house was on top of a shop and it was actually quite hard to get up the stairs so the zombies would struggle plus we have all of that food in the cans from downstairs. "Guys, I have an idea!" I strongly said...

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