Unruly Servant (chapter 3)

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Chapter Three

And so ended my first day working for the Phantomhive household. To say the least it had been interesting and certainly not without its excitement. My body felt heavy from the work it wasn’t used to doing. The joints in my hands ached and I could feel blisters forming on the soft, smooth skin. 

Even though my body ached I was content. My mind was filled with blissful thoughts of the friendly staff, with the exception of the butler. I hadn’t had the chance to meet the other maid or the house stewart yet, but the other two clumsy servants were warm enough to my taste. I could see myself becoming comfortable around them. Sebastian was another story altogether. Whereas the other two were open and friendly, Sebastian was illusive and, at times, cold. He reminded me of someone I had meet before, but I couldn’t figure out who.

I sighed and rolled over in my new bed. I blinked twice as I looked from the view of the room to see the expanse of the gardens outside. Though as tired as I was, I found I could not drift off into slumber. The nerves in my body were alive and burning. They wished for me to get up, to move, to wonder. 

My body on the other hand told a different tale.

I buried my face into my pillow and let out a groan of frustration that was muffled by the material. I knew that I was in for a long night before sleep finally claimed me.

My body and nerves warred with each other late into the night. The whole time I sat tossing and turning, praying for sleep to relieve me. It finally did, coming over me quickly like a dark soft blanket. 

What I found in rest was not the peace I sought to find though.

A bright burning sensation fell on my skin, something I was used to. It warmed my flesh from the outside in, burning as bright as the soul I did not possess but wished to devour slowly as to savor the sweet rich taste. I lifted one sun bronzed arm over my head, flicking my fingers to and fro to the heavy beat of a drums.

The intoxicating beat picked up a slow building tempo and my back arched as I lifted up one long slender leg. The pearly white skirt I wore, slide up along my thigh as I lifted it higher and higher into the air. The skirt bunched up the the base of my hip, revealing the full entirety of my leg. I flashed a quick seductive smile and swung it out to the side, twirling myself along with it.

And so the dance begun.

The crowd became thicker and thicker as more and more onlookers joined together to encircle the area marked off as my personal arena. The woman looked on in envy at the desert beauty. Turning all shades of green at the marvelous beauty before them; a true desert rose. The men besides them watched on with lustful eyes as they watched my dance. All in all they all stood in awe at the unique display of talent, such performances only existed in palace courts these days. Dancers were rare among the streets and even rarer was talented ones.

The gold bracelets on my wrist and ankles clicked together creating a chorus of jingles as I moved fluidly around dirt square. I rolled my stomach as I swayed my hips in an erotic dance, drawing gasp of awe and shock from the crowd. My hands spiraled upwards in a dance of their own, yet they collaborated together with my body to create an enticing duet.

The thrumming the the drums was beginning to draw to it’s finale crescendo and I prepared my body for the grand finale. Drawing my left leg up slowly I swung it around at the height of my waist. Twisting to the right on the tips of my toes, I was able to succeed in twirling my body around in a full circle. As the circle was completed I drew the leg completely upright before abruptly dropping my full body to the ground, placing my face in my lap.

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