Chapter 3

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The PA very loudly told them that they were already in Aussieland aka Australia. The sky waitress yelled: Wake Up, were already landed!

Liam woke up.

Sky Waitress: oh mamma........... What a slobbery hunk.

Liam: Are you talking to me?(in his morning voice)

Harry: Dude, she's staring at you, who else would she be talking to.

Liam: Good point, Harold. Lady, please stop staring.

Sky waitress: I would, but you would need to take off that tux.

Liam: fine, but this is my only clean shirt.

Liam entered the lavatories. The guys started chatting with the waitress while Liam changed. They told her that he lives for chocolate.

Liam: Im Back for You, guys. Lets go.

Sky Waitress: look at those abs.

Liam: dont look at me, im the clumsy one. Look at Harry, he is the real Lady magnet.

Harry: im offended yet slightly grateful. Anyways, lets get going. We dont want to be late.

Louis: do you have any carrots? (Whispering into the lady's ear)

Sky Waitress: You can get carrots at the world famous KangaCarrot farm in Sidney.

Louis: Oh Yeah!(he said petting the lady's head)

The guys got on a limo and went to the Some-sort known Koala/State Motel. On the limo Liam got another call. His pencil phone told him that he would meet his personal trainer in the secret agency. The place where he would meet him was at a park near his motel.

The guys had to divide in pairs of 2. Liam with Zayn in the same room. Louis with Harry. And Niall was alone in his room. Ironically, Niall's room was also the biggest and had a hot tub.

The guys went to bed after a night of watching Drop Dead Diva at Niall's room.

Day 3: the trainer

The guys woke up. Somehow Louis ended in the hot tub. Harry is starting to believe that Louis sleep soaks. Liam decided to go shopping since he has been all this time without a shirt. He had to put on a shirt that Harry knit for Zayn that said "Smoking Sucks" because Zayn wouldnt wear it.

Zayn went with Liam and Niall to the mall. Niall went to the food court and started to look for Nando's. While, Liam and Zayn went clothes shopping. Liam and Zayn found Spy Gallery and Liam went in. Zayn on the other hand went to Forever 21 to look for leather jackets. The guys Liam, Louis, Zayn, and Harry recieved a phone call but they didnt know who from. It was Niall, he was in..............JAIL! He was arrested for disturbing the peace while screaming because the mall didnt have a Nando's. The guys were worried. Harry and Louis came running to the mall. Louis got distracted in the arcade and Harry stayed with Zayn in Forever 21 checking out girls. Liam was the only one that was available.

Liam: I have to save Niall. But first, i must meet and train with my personal trainer to save Niall.

Liam went to Burger King and in the playground there was a suspicious looking character. It was his trainer.

Liam: oh, this is what you meant by park.

Trainer: Yes. Hey Liam, I'm Cowell, Simon Cowell. And you are my new recruit: Liam James Payne or I could call you by your codename, LJPTripleO or aka LJPooo.

Liam: i am Honored.

After an epic montage of Liam training that unfortunately I couldnt write, he was ready to start mission: Save Nialler. Liam set off to the police jail, and snuck in. He kept looking for Niall's cell which was past strangely a cell that apparently Adolf Hitler once was in. Liam climbed out a window and snuck into the cell by breaking a window with a sledgehammer which i will not explain where he got it.


Chapter 4: Coming Soon

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