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Pen Your Pride

Funny as funny gets

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David Davidus Kim I'm gay 9 hours ago via Facebook for Windows Phone · Like · 

Gerardo Waldo Martinez, Kenny Strong, Shannon McDowell and 2 others like this.

Travis Summerour yup 9 hours ago · Like

Alex Helfrich totally 8 hours ago · Like

David Davidus Kim ‎... My Sister is a Fag.. 7 hours ago · Like

David Davidus Kim Jane if your Reading this with my phone right now.. Screw YOU 7 hours ago · Like

LaMario Evans Wow your sister sucks. 7 hours ago · Like

David Davidus Kim Yea, No kidding 7 hours ago · Like

Gerardo Waldo Martinez REVENGE CRIT 7 hours ago · Like

Alex Brooks divid it's nice to see your being honest. Is thaaat why you died your hair? 6 hours ago · Like ·  1 person

David Davidus Kim ‎^ hahaha.. You So funny..... *David * Dyed << you spelled them wrong 6 hours ago · Like

Alex Brooks idc 6 hours ago · Like

LaMario Evans Um Alex if he was gay and dyed his hair wouldn't it be a more a more fruity color like blue,pink,lime green etc.? 6 hours ago · Like

David Davidus Kim Alex Prob Wish i was Gay so he could try Seduce me.... GGAAAAYYYYY 6 hours ago · Like

Alex Helfrich you know, maybe you should go fruity... a little more VIBRANT orange... No homo. 5 hours ago · Like ·  1 person

Gerardo Waldo Martinez Get a bright pink mohawk, I dare you. 5 hours ago · Like

Alex Brooks no 3 hours ago · Like

Alex Brooks get it a rainbow mohawk that goes all the way across you head! 3 hours ago · Like Gerardo Waldo Martinez Get two 3 hours ago · Unlike ·  3 people

Kenny Strong JENNIFER WAS RIGHT! 2 hours ago · Like

Alex Brooks who was wrong? 2 hours ago · Like

David Davidus Kim Jennifer was right about what? 51 minutes ago · Like

David Davidus Kim Stop liking this Status you gay nerds 50 minutes ago · Like

Alex Brooks everything 50 minutes ago · Like

David Davidus Kim Define Everthing in a Sophisticated way for all of us to understand. 43 minutes ago · Like

Alex Brooks everything is all things 43 minutes ago · Like

David Davidus Kim nope try again 43 minutes ago · Like

Alex Brooks  –pronoun

1.every thing or particular of an aggregate or total; all.


something extremely important: This news means everything to us.


...See More 41 minutes ago · Like

David Davidus Kim Nope no copy pasting from 40 minutes ago · Like

Alex Brooks no 39 minutes ago · Like

Alex Brooks i can 39 minutes ago · Like

Alex Brooks b/c thats wat phosisticated peeps do 39 minutes ago · Like

David Davidus Kim No i dont accept it soo looks like you failed 38 minutes ago · Like

Alex Brooks but u 2 sucky to figure out the definition for it so u need to look it up 38 minutes ago · Like

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