Chronicles of Han Storm, Book 1, Part 1, Chapter 7 & 8

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Preserving Creata Revised Edition: Part 1, Chapter 7

*** Seven ***

I was standing on the edge of a cliff. A huge valley opened at my feet. Desert surrounded me on all sides. I felt utterly alone. There was a high wind and it was picking up. I tried to resist, but a gust caught me, ripping me over the edge of the cliff . . .

I felt no sensation of falling, just suddenly finding myself surrounded by gigantic, ancient looking columns supporting a vaulted ceiling.

Panning my attention and focus further than my immediate area, I was able to discern that these columns were forming a central passage.

Behind these columns were the openings to huge hallways.

So unusual was this experience, and the unnatural silence surrounding me, that I started walking down the central passage.

Peace surrounded me in this familiar seeming environment. At least this was not a nightmare.

Out of no-where, a golden orb presented itself in front of me.

Stopping, I watched in fascination as the orb materialized into a male humanoid form.

"I refer to myself as Sensaii," the ancient shining being told me. "I am the one who will guide and help you through the labyrinths of the alter planes."

"I know you," I replied, realizing that I had met this being before this . . . dream. "You are the one who kept on telling me to detach from Cheryl's body."

Sensaii smiled at me before leading me to a chamber looking like an auditorium.

"Here," he explained, "students, like yourself, can gain or download information and knowledge . . . "

A parched mouth and throat woke me from this strange dream; a headache starting up at the base of my skull, rebounding between my eyebrows.

Thoroughly annoyed, I lay on my bed, trying to take stock of what had happened since this morning.

Nothing made sense, and thinking made the headache worse.

Trying to concentrate only on physical things, I willed my body to work, making it out of bed into the bathroom; the headache jumping in intensity.

Sipping some water, relieved the inability to swallow. As I started brushing teeth I glanced in the mirror, suddenly feeling faint.

Sensaii, dressed neatly in traditional oriental garb, with white collar and all, was standing behind me, staring at me with crossed arms and a huge smile on his face.

Whipping around, he was indeed behind me . . . or was he in the mirror, or only reflected there? As far as I knew spirits did not reflect in mirrors? Or was this still a dream, or worse, a vision?

*Are you ready for today?* Sensaii wanted to know, speaking directly inside my brain.

I did not hear any sound, but knew what was said to me.

It was as if there was a warm presence throbbing inside my head, and I suddenly had the answer to the question I wanted to ask.

It was a telepathic conversation with no room for error or misunderstanding!

Before I could reply to Sensaii's question, my front door was almost taken off its hinges by a loud banging.

"Coming!" I shouted, almost choking on toothpaste. Grabbing the towel, I dried my face while rushing to unlock the door.

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