chapter 9

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"This is what you call fun? Listening to deaf toned people sing while you stuff your face of Hot wings?"His upper lip in a scowl.

We had just arrived at the Karaoke bar in town and King had yet stopped complaining about it.

It was the weekend and a boring weekend at that, so we decided to go out, well me and All did. But we had managed to get King to Come with us.

I ignored him as I walked and we found a small Booth for us three. We listened to some people sing.

Not good singing but it was entertaining enough. All we practically did was laugh at them.

This one Girl had attempted so sing Rhianna "Man Down." And failed miserably.

If you were going to sing a song, why pick something so difficult?

It was funny non the less so we just enjoyed it.

When our waitress came and took our order She asked if any of us were interested in singing.

"I want to!"Ali screamed, the lady wrote her name and looked at me. I declined, I didn't't have the courage to go up there like Ali.

She then turned to look at King."What about you handsome."She asked flirtatiously. She slyly pulled her shirt down giving him a view of her chest.

I wanted to snort. How obvious could you get?

"No thanks."He said, not really paying any attention to her.I wanted to laugh as the big chested bimbo frowned at him.

"Come on King, it will be fun!"She said.

King snorted."Yeah right."

"King if you do it I will pay you."She inserted and be fore he could Deny her again, he paused."How much?"

Ali smirked and pulled out a hundred and started wagging it infront of his face.

"Fine. One song."He declared, I laughed I can't believe he's going to do it!

King got up and made is way to the stage. They handed him a microphone and introduced him to the crowd.

"Now give it up for King!" Me and Ali started clapping really loudly making people give weird stares.

We didn't't care, we were to amazed for the fact King was actually gonna sing a actual song!

I took a sip of my water and almost choked as They played They song. I gave Ali an unbelievable look

"No way."She said.

We looked as King expression changed.

"Oh no he's gonna back out!"I screamed.

Ali waved the hundred in the air but this tied added an extra hundred in for him.

He didn't't look fazed so she added two more.

He squinted his eyes and began thinking if this was worth his humiliation and pride.

After a couple seconds he began singing dreadfully.

"Making my way downtown, walking fast faces passed and I'm homebound!"He sung out off key.

Barely singing through the first sentenced I started laughing.

Who would't!

Clearly I wasn't't by my self because Ali and the people next to us were too.

Poor King.

"And I need you, And I miss you, And now I wonder..." He kept singing, not good singing but singing all the same.

I could't help but feel proud of him.

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