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(Fay's POV)

The ancient clock hanging behind the teachers desk was getting on my nerves.

I glared at it.

In about ten minutes it would officially be summer vacation. And that meant only one thing in my book. Total and complete...


No annoying teachers yapping at you about your grades and how you could do soooo much better if you put your mind to it. No getting sent to the principles office because your fist just happened to "accidently" connect with some losers who didn't know how to stop being asses. No lectures about spray painting the school founders statue (It wasn't me, honest! Well ok I bought the paint but I didn't use it, some one else did. I just took the pictures.) Oh yeah, no school for a whole 2 and a half months! I think I'm about to cry....sniff sniff...

I glared at the clock again. Why the hell was it taking so long! I hated it. Summer break was now only 8 minutes away yet it felt like an eternity. The clock was obviously trying to piss me off.


I leaned back against my crappy chair. God, couldn't this school afford better chairs? This one was older than my grandmother, but the difference is my grandmother was sturdier.


I could already imagine what I'd be doing over break. Hanging out with my friends, partying, skateboarding, partying, playing killer video games, partying, sleeping pass noon, partying, sleeping late and more partying. Oh, did I mention that I was going to party like it was 1999? Hehe.


Hurry up you stupid bell! I mentally visualized myself climbing on the teachers desk, throwing the stupid clock on the ground and stomping it to death. Ring! Ring damn you!I command you to!!

"Just because you're glaring at it doesn't mean the time will fly by faster."

I turned my murderous gaze to my bestfriend who was convieniently sitting right next to me, chuckling. I smiled at him. "You know, I could easily smack you with my history book."

Austen McKennzie grinned at me, pushing his oversized nerdy glasses up. Like always, to my great distress, he was also wearing those hand me down clothes he could never fill out. You know, those crappy clothes your parents would try to force on you to save money even though it was obvious that it was three sizes too big.

Yeah those.

His curly dark brown hair was tousled, looking like a hurricane had struck and left a mess behind. It was aweful to look at. No matter how many times I tried to drag him away for a make over he'd somehow make up an excuse and escapes. The boy was a lost cause.

We've been friends since the third grade when I beat the hell out of his bullies. I never liked those who picked on the weak. It was down right pathetic right? Well anyway, since that faithful day he's been stuck to me like glue. People often joked that he was my shadow or faithful dog. Honestly, with him always being around me, I really did feel like I owned a puppy.