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How would you know

That one day in your mundane life

You'll meet your other half?

What will you do? will you know?

Take it on the stars pale glow

On the falling, wishing fireball

Or the fortune of a witch

Maybe take it on the signs you pray for.

One day, maybe you'll

Let that once in a lifetime

Chance leave and without you even knowing.

Or you didn't know you've already

Meet but then you were scared?

I tell you, take it on me.

Follow the universe's play

Get on the first ride to the Moon;

Travel far and follow the second star to the right.

You know what I'm saying?

It's too simple. . . Let life take you to

Everywhere. Go beyond what it offers.

Decipher what it conceals

Don't fight the current.

Because one day, it will serve it's purpose

You will find yourself

In front of that missing part of your life

Whole and real.

Your long awaited soulmate.


A/N: hello!!! This is going to be my new collection of poems..:)

This one is for you, for men and women, for girls and boys who's waiting for their better half... XD

For @Living_Is_Dying who told me about a different style...hey there! :') I wish you'll like this...:) tell me what you think of the content of the poem..:)

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