Chapter 8- Teenage Runaway

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Worst. Car. Ride. Ever.

The whole way home all Natalie could talk about is what she would wear on her date.

"Should I wear that nice lacy black dress, or ooo maybe that new red dress that I just bought the other day. No I need to look amazing so all he can focus on is me. I mean he is Harry Styles. Everyone is going to be throwing themselves at him. The nerve of some people."

I rolled my eyes. She's one to talk isn't she. But I mean, I'm going to stay positive and try to be happy that he chose her... Oh who am I kidding.

Natalie kept talking but all I could concentrate was trying hard not to cry. Once Natalie pulled into the driveway I ran out of the car as she yelled behind me,"Don't forget we're going to the mall! I need a brand new outfit for my date with Harry!"

I ran down the street as my vision blurred. I went to the only person i knew i could trust, Fletcher. I stopped at the corner and pulled out my phone and called him.


I explained the situation and asked if I could stay the night.

"Yeah babe sure come right over.''

"Thanks Fletch, I'll be right over."

I walked a couple more blocks and looked for his address. I've only been here once so I didn't remember where it was. I walked halfway down the block until I found it. I walked up to the door and rang the door bell. A few moments later, a half a sleep shirtless Fletcher ansewed the door, letting me in. He hugged me and led me to the living room. We sat down in silence. Minutes later he broke the tension.

"How was the concert other than what you told me over the phone.''

"It was amazing! They sound even better live and they're so funny.," I smiled looking down,"They're perfect. It would have been the best day of my life, but when the guy that I sort of had a crush on, asked out my sister instead just ruined it. I know it's cliche and all, considering what teenage girl doesn't have a crush on Harry Styles, but I thought this was an actual crush."

"Hey it was still a good day! You got to go, don't forget front row, to a One Direction, you're favorite band's, concert, and you got to hang out with them afterward. You lived every girl's dream babe. That Harry guy is missing out if he thinks Natalie of all people, is better than you. You're smart and beautiful and amazing in general. Any guy, especially Harry would be lucky to have a girl like you," he finished grabbing my hand.

A few tears fell down my cheek. "So where is everyone?"

"She left for the weekend. But I called my mom and asked if you could stay the night and she said it was fine with her," he chuckled," as long as she doesn't come home to a pregnant you. Which isn't going to happen obviously."

I blushed, laughing," She wouldn't have to worry about that. But I have to text my mom and at least let her know I'm alright."

"Okay. You can sleep in my room," he replied standing up.

I stood up with him. "That's fine. I wouldn't want to sleep alone in an unknown house."

We walked upstairs and walked into his room. He turned to me,"I'll take the floor."

"Can we stay up a bit longer?," I asked sitting down," I can't really sleep now."

"Of course babe," he sat down next to me," We can watch tv or a movie."

"That'd be great."

We got comfortable and started watching Finding Nemo. I texted my mom and told her I was staying at a friends house, and since I'm new I knew she'd be fine with me staying over a new friends house since I actually have a friend. Halfway into the movie I turned to Fletcher.

"Thanks for being there for me today Fletch. I don't know how I was luckily enough to find a friend as great as you."

He smiled turning to me,"It's no problem Dyl."

I leaned into him and fell asleep minutes later, thinking about Natalie, and eventually Harry.

Why did he have to choose her.

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