Chapter 10

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12:30 AM

I'm in here all cause of Jass and Y/n. They always fuck up stuff.

"When are we getting out of here." I asked. "When our parents come get us." Y/n said. "Shut the fuck up. I wasn't talking to you." I said mugging her. "You didn't direct your question to anyon-" "So I was talking to anyone but you. I don't want to talk to you. You're the reason why we're all in here!" I spat at her with nothing but hate in my voice. "First of all your trashy ass friend attacked me with your ratchet ass girlfriend. She threw a cup in my face, when I tried to walk off she grabbed my hair. So she's getting charged with aggravated assault. On top of that you attacked my girlfriend so you're here on your own actions." She said getting in my face. "I swear Y/n get out my face or else." "Or else what you gonna hit me? Please do cause I'll beat your ass like I did you friend over there." She said pointing to Talia. I looked above her not even looking at her. I started clenching my jaw.

Jass pulled Y/n out my face and pulled her to a corner. My blood boiled even more. This hooker not only fucked my shit up but really be giving me some dirty looks. I wanted to punch her in her shit.


12:35 AM

"You need to chill baby. For real." I said holding Y/n hands. "Nah man that's supposed to be my best friend. He just gon' turn on me like this. I ain't even do anything to him." She said moving around me and going up to Christain. "Bae no." I said grabbing her arm. "No need for all this drama." I said looking at her. "No I need to know what the fuck his problem is." She said snatching away from me.

I really don't want anything bad to happen. I know Chris and he does some crazy shit. He flips off dumb shit. If that nigga hit my girl I'mma knock his lights out.


12:38 AM

I walked up to Chris trying to be calm. "Why you acting like this man? We used to be bestfriends and you stopped all that for some hoe. Man, we were tight. What happened to us?" I asked him. Its been killing me. I love Chris and I don't want us to stop fucking with each other because of this bitch. "You is what happened to us. I get in a relationship and you stop calling and texting me. You disrespected my relationship. That's not cool. I always do shit for you. You just put me on the back burner." He said that and my heart dropped. I had called and texted him but my number was blocked. I guess. "Yo I called you and texted you. And guess what happened shit never went through." I grabbed my phone and showed him the log. "After a while I stopped. I figured you wanted me to leave you alone." I said looking at him. "Nah Ion believe that." This nigga had the proof in his face. "You know what. Fuck you Chris. You're so dumb. Its in your face. I guess the smell of her stank pussy got you blinded." I said that and walked off to Jass. My heart was broken. I just lost my best friend over something so simple and stupid.


1:00 AM

Finally our parents came but my mom obviously was tripping. "Why were you fighting Jass!" She yelled as we walked in the house. "This girl tried to jump my girlfriend. Ma you know that was dead." I said taking my heels off. "I don't care you shouldn't have been fighting over that hoe." I got so mad. "She's not a hoe. Mom just cause you don't like her don't mean anything. You never liked the fact I'm Gay let alone my girlfriends. So I don't care about what you have to say 'bout my girl okay? Okay." With that I walked upstairs. I took a shower and put on a sports bra and some boxers.


1:15 AM

Y/n thought she was slick. I saw the name. My name in her phone was always "Chrissy." Nothing more nothing less. I can't believe she tried to even do me like that. I ain't rocking. She got me messed up.


1:15 AM

Y'all know this all part of the plan right. I swear Kaylen and I some genius'. We got that master plan all set up. Well I'mma go head and get some D . See y'all when I see y'all.


1:30 AM

I was the one who blocked Y/n in Chris' phone. She know and I know. But Chris thinks I can do no wrong. And its gon' stay that way. Kaylen the innocent is out. Peace


That hoe. That bitch. That pussy whooped nigga. I bet its dry too. Anyway here come my questions.

Why chris such a hoe?

Why Kaylen always doing too much?

Will Jass ever get some pussy?

What is this "Master plan" of Kaylen and Talia?

When will Chris get his shit together?

Jass ma tripping for why?

Y'all know what it is. Yeah I'M OUT SEXY BEAST.

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