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Arrrgh this story was supposed to be a short one, around Chapter 30, but we extended it because we enjoy Seraphine's character so much

Once upon a time in China,
two months after the incident,

A Prince looked over to the horizon where a sun rises over the mountains, and a mochi sits on a plate on top of the stone railings. Huáng Shen waits for the arrival of his parents, to which he is suddenly joined by two Arks on either of his side.

"Are you alright, little Shen?" Adan asks.

After boxing up Kelvin's belongings to be returned to Cape Verde, Shen releases the deepest breath he has kept in for a long time. "I'm fine. I can't imagine what you guys have felt throughout all this. We won, but we lost someone..."

Adan decides to be frank, "None of us expected we three would get out alive. Fate is unpredictable. She doesn't let everything go our way. We already knew one of us would be lost. As we're not gods, Shen. We're not powerful enough to protect everyone."

"It's unfair," Shen's heart broke.

"He's right. Should have been me," said Mahiro, coldly. The youngest has been the closest to Kelvin and though he bullied the Ark of Judgement, they were still brothers through and through. He is the most crushed. Adan reaches out his arm to lay on Shen's shoulders, and his hand on his remaining brother's.

"Kelvin would be glad it's not you, Mahiro, or me. He already lost a friend, he couldn't handle losing either of us." Kelvin definitely died happy because Adan's kids didn't lose a father.

"Fúck you, Adan," Mahiro sniffs affectionately.

"Let's not disappoint him by keeping the remaining Royals safe." Adan sighs as the sun starts to hurt Mahiro, so an umbrella pops out to protect himself.

Shen hugs Adan with one hand while the other holds onto Mahiro's hand. "You will come back for me, right? I need protecting..."

"The Ghost Princess needs protecting too," Mahiro says, "And you are one fierce lion that fought against a vampire demon and survived. You don't need us."

"Mahiro!" Shen whines with tears in his eyes.

Adan chuckles, "After we return the Princess and settle Kelvin's properties in Cape Verde, we will come back to you as soon as possible. Besides, your stay here is temporary. You'll go to Japan with King Ryūji soon enough, and we'll be there to protect you two."

Shen smiles. He's only in China to abdicate his claim to the throne, giving it to his step-dad which was the blood heir of the previous, previous king. Shen's step-dad and the late Queen Sisi we're siblings. And now the throne is left without an heir.

But, "Glory to our new Vampire King! May his reign be prosperous!"

"Glory to King Tristan!"

Shen's step-father, named Lee Tristan, never pursued the throne nor did he ever want it. But without someone sitting on it, the vampire world will be thrown to chaos as noble families will kill each other for it. Tristan decides to take the burden off his son's shoulders and bear the crown.

The late Queen and Prince's formal funeral took a month to organize and one week for the vampires to mourn their Royal family. There was criticism and some sort of small rebellion for Lee Tristan's appointment to the throne, but since he is blood related to the Queen, they have to at least respect his position.

If it was Shen sitting up there, a pure Shifter, the rebellion would be justified and all vampires would be against him, waging war on the crown and each other. Truly, supernatural politics is messy. Lee Tristan will have to work for the slow alliance between shifter and vampires, up until he can get himself an heir.

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