Chapter 5- the carnival (edgy)(not really)

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Dirks pov

Okay. It was time to go to the carnival I had promised...and...I was sweating like a pig and I'm sure Jake noticed. Fuck he probably thinks I'm gross. I put my coat on to hide the possible fact of pit stains and Jake holds my hand, sending a spark of energy up my back, oh how i loved it. 

"Uh d-Dirk" Jake stuttered. 

 You looked down,acknowledging the warm hand "yea what's up man" Jake looked at Dirk wit scared eyes, 

 "This is my first carnival, and that means my first time on any rides..will you...go on them with me?"  You got exited ,Jake wanted you to ride on rides with him, but you kept holding his hand giving it a reassuring squeeze. 

Jake was shaking while we were in the car. You look at him worried, trying to cheer him uo you said, 

"Mr adventurer doesn't like heights?" and chuckle.

 Jake looks over to you his smile faded and replaced with a frown and a tear threatening in his eyes. You sigh and stop the car Parking it. You bring him in a bit closer and hug him. "Just kidding, love,  don't take things I say too serious, okay?" he nods and hugs me back. You can see he has a little blush dusted on his cheeks, 

'maybe we can be something' Dirk hoped, dreamed that he was correct. 

Once out of the car we walked to the ticket booth, and I got us 'play for as long as you want! Anything you want!' 

See, my lil bro works as a ticket master.

"Don't have to much fun or I'll tell bro" Dave, my lil bro, winked. 

"Yea whatever" Dirk wasn't phased "I know your having John over once your shift is done, which should be, Dirk waits a second, right about now" 

Dave sighs  and nods accepting his fate. A brown haired girl took his spot, her name tag said Nitro Meadar, ((lol my (old)OC))  John popped out from behind the booth and caught up with Dave giving him a sweet kiss and holding his hand once there.

"Jake how about this one" you teased him pointing to adventure mountain the biggest ride there

. "D-Dirk!" He wined. You smiled and poked him, "Just kidding what did I say earlier?" Jake huffed and nodded remembering the conversation in the car. 

The you spot something he would like, and point to the carousel. "Sure" Jake nods and he gets on the green one next to your blue/ rainbow one. ( u kno y, oh boi) the ride started barley and Jake was already smiling. 

Picture an elegant buck tooth, kitten ,smiling like a goof, Daaaw' see it was cute as hell wasn't it? Thought so.

After that you and Jake continued to go on each and every ride, bringing you guys close.  Jake was at least 3.5 inches think. All that was left was Adventure mountain, Ferris wheel, and a few games. Ferris wheel for last.

Jake was now scared, and the maintenance lady was fixing a cart that had unbuckled itself earlier. 

"D-Dirk were gonna die, no not just die like DIE, omgogmogmgogmgogmgogmgishhabshshshs Dirk I can't breath DIRK LETS LEAVE..." 

Jake was trembling, the highest point of the ride was un-see-able and you were upside-own for awhile. You pull Jake to your side 

"it will be okay, after this we won't do any more scary rides" Jake nodded and straitened up. 

"I'm an adventurer Dirk I can do this!" Jake claimed, so cute. The lady helped you into a seat with Jake, you were 3 inches away from each other and they pulled down the big pole over you two.

"Okay adventurers keep your hands in the ride at all times, don't tip the cart blah blah blah blah"

 after the man was done there was no going back...the ride had started and you and Jake were jolted forward and then backward. 

"whhhhhhhaaaAAAAAhhAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHWHDJDJDBJAHHHEURIWBDJCJCU" you could hear Jake screaming and you pulled him closer and clings to you with all of his might.

Up, down, backwards, loop, upside-down, spinning. You did it all on that ride. Jake fainted into your arms at the Tippy top. You were thrown down with a sudden wave of air towards your face. Moving your skin backwards.

The ride slowly pulls back into its lane, it's over. You pick up Jake and take him to the Ferris wheel...he doesn't need games right now. You tap him on the nose and he wakes up

"h-hey chap" he yawns and you smile then set him down. He looks up at he Ferris wheel. "Whhooaaa" 

he says, you can practically see the kawaii sparkles in his eyes. You get into a dome shape pod and sit on one of the fluffy chairs with Jake. As the pod began to rise Jake spoke up. 

"Dirk I...need to confess something..."Then  You heard those words those 6 words. And the three you thought you'd never hear 

"I love you"

You pull Jake in and hug him "I love you to Jake I always have" 

Jake smiled and hugged you tighter. 

"I'll always love you Jake, always" Jake lifted his head and before the pod opened gave you a small peck on the lips his teeth hitting yours for a second.

Fuckin' adorable


OMG I think this is an amazing story because I'm fangirling over it XD love you all 0303

New note: (from here on its not edited yet its still 11 year old me) so read if you want idk ill fix it later. 

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