Waking Up Beside You

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Bill opened his eyes slowly, surprised to see that he wasn't in his own bedroom, but in yours, he smiled looking down at you, he had one arm wrapped around your naked figure, holding you close to his own body. Had that really happened last night? Or was the just a dream? Well, it sure seemed like one, Bill brushed a strand of hair out of your face, smiling wider as he saw your beautiful face.

You looked so peaceful, a small smile graced your lips and even with no make up on you were absolutely stunning. He kissed your forehead softly before resting his head in top of yours.

Looking around the room he noticed it was a fair bit messy, covers knocked halfway off your bed, barely even covering your bodies. His and your clothes were sprawled out across the floor, he noticed your neck looked like it had been bruised, he chuckled quietly to himself, he'd done that to you and he was sure no item of clothing could have covered it, well not a scarf anyway, it was the middle of summer!

Bill sighed in content and got up quietly, (putting on his underwear first) slowly he made his way to your kitchen. He intended to make you pancakes, or waffles, whatever you had in the cupboard anyway. It wasn't his first time cooking but he was no Jamie Oliver, that's fair to say. Opening the pantry door he eventually found all the ingredients he required and got to work. It wasn't too hard for him, well as hard as making pancakes gets, but he did a fairly good job. Only burning 2 of 5 pancakes and flipping another onto the ground.

Piling 3 almost perfectly made pancakes onto an expensive looking plate, he drizzled some maple syrup onto the pancakes. Putting the plate, cutlery and a glass of orange juice onto a tray he smiled, he'd done acceptable job. Although it was missing something...ah! That's it!

He walked briskly out of your front door and picked an arrangement of white, light purple and blue flowers. He placed them carefully in a small glass vase, setting that down on the tray as well. Perfect. Bill looked to the clock, 6:47, marvelous! (Y/N) did tend the wake up around this time, a habit he guessed.

He quietly tip-toed into your room, smiling as he found you were still sleeping, placed the tray on a table beside your bed then slid back under the sheets. Noticing your eyes starting to flutter open he kissed your forehead sweetly.

"Good morning my love, have a nice sleep?" Bill whispered as you sat up, taking a quick look around and remembering last night.

"Bill.." You murmured. "Hey.." He chuckled slightly and kissed your lips gently. You wrapped your arms around his torso and let your head fall onto his shoulder. You sighed, "Never though I'd lose my virginity to a demon,"

"Never thought I'd lose mine to a human." You both shared a small laugh,

"Wait..so a being older than time itself has never had sex before me?" You smirked,

"Well in my world, doing this kind of stuff is only for mating so..heh heh, but not this time!" You giggled at uneasy look on Bills face.

"Oh Bill," There was a short silence, both of you becoming calm and relaxed.

"You know there's a perfectly good breakfast just over there, if you don't mind can I have it? Because I'm a pretty good chef if I do say do myself," Bill said cockily as you giggled suddenly noticing the delicious smell coming from your left.

"Thankyou Bill," You said happily, pulling your arms from him and reading over to grab the tray. You smiled widely, "You didn't have to."

"Yes I did," He insisted, "What kind of a boyfriend would I be if I didn't?"

"Really Bill, thank you. But have you had anything?" You asked, as he looked at you with pure joy and love.

"Oh no I'm fine, I usually don't eat this early anyway, and when I do I don't eat much." You turned you attention back to the tray, yummy! Those pancakes smelled delicious, and it was so lovely how Bill picked out your favourite flowers for you.

The rest of the morning was spent eating, talking, kissing and a lot of cuddling. It just felt so good to be beside Bill, he was the one for you and you loved him dearly. He was so kind to you, a side if him no one else got to see, as he was formerly the 'villain'. But he's changed for you and really that was all that mattered.

As it neared 8:00, you both had fallen asleep once more, Bill holding your small figure in his arms. It was perfect, well until your parents came home, causing Bill to leave through your bedroom window in nothing but his underwear. But that's another story!

Hey all! So hope you enjoyed that, it may or may not be a continuation of last chapter. Whatever you wish! But I'm gonna let you know that the next 3 or 4 chapter are going to be parts of a pregnancy story! So yeah, bye!

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