Yuuichirou Hyakuya x Reader

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Genre: Friendship, School Life

You were at school, fully bored. You found yourself therefore looking out the window, enjoying the natural beauty. You thought about the actual reality. The world you were in was simply an illusion to make you feel happiness and security.

Sure, everybody wishes for tranquility and security on Earth, but with warfare going on between the Imperial Army and the Vampire nobles, it was going to be a destructive atmosphere.

You were broken out of your thoughts when the bell rang throughout the school. A smile plastered itself upon your lips as you outstretched your arms. That was when you felt a tap on your shoulder.

Letting out a small, inquiring sound, you turned around only to see Shinoa, your classmate and a member of the Imperial Moon Army. There was a time in which you were slightly envious of Shinoa, however you also knew being in the Army was a dangerous job which will require you to witness bloodshed.

"[y/n]," Shinoa whispered, "you know Yuuichirou Hyakuya? That boy over there with black hair and green eyes?" Shinoa pointed towards the boy.

You nodded in response, interest replacing indifference on your face. Shinoa chuckled at your sudden change in facial expression as she continued. "Well, he wants to become a member of the Imperial Moon Army, however Guren Ichinose refuses to make Yuu one of the members until he can make a friend." Shinoa looked at Yuu, dilated worry glittering in her eyes, "What I want you to do, [y/n], is to become Yuu's friend to fulfill his lifetime wish: to kill all the vampires."

You contemplated for a moment, before nodding. "Okay, I'll try my best. Bye, Shinoa-san!"

She smiled back and waved as you closed the door behind you. You internally sighed as you began your search for Hyakuya. You found him near a vending machine. You slowly approached him and greeted him. "Hi, Yuuichirou-san."

Yuu glanced at you, murmuring curtly, "Hi," before he looked at the vending machine. "What are you doing here?"

You raised a brow. "I should be asking you that."

"What does it look like I'm doing?" Yuu glared at you, causing you to inwardly gulp.

"Buying something?"

"Exactly." Yuu rolled his eyes as he put in a few coins, and the vending machine did it's work, providing him with a drink.


"Is there any reason why you need to talk to me?"

"No, but-"

"Okay, you can leave then." Yuu made a hand motion corresponding what he just said.

You decided then to just be a straightforward girl. You were going to tell Yuu everything. "Shinoa told me that you wanted to join the Imperial Demon Army...and she said that Guren Ichinose won't let you in until you make a friend."

Yuuichirou seemed astonished that you knew such things, "Go on."

"She asked me - to fulfill your wish of slaughtering all vampires - to become friends with you."

"Tch, why should I make friends when I'll just end up losing them. There's no point."

You felt a pang in your chest, causing you to unintentionally pity him. You decided to show your sympathy by holding his hand. You grasped his hand, causing Yuu to slightly blush. "[y/n], wh-what are you do-"

"Yuuichirou," You said, smiling and grasping his hand tighter, "I can promise you this: I'll be your friend, and you won't lose me."

Yuu narrowed his eyes as he inquired, "Promise?"

Smilingly, you replied, "I promise, Yuuichirou Hyakyua. I promise."

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