Chapter 5

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It feels like hours before I'm thrown forward in my seat, my head smacking painfully against the steering wheel. A millisecond later, the airbag deploys, which only sends me flyting backwards into my seat. My head hurts, and there is a ringing in my ear that isn't going away. Other than that, however, I feel pretty normal.

Finally, the sound of my car door being opened, followed by a frantic voice, cuts me out of my trance. "Luna! Luna, are you alright?"

The word Luna confuses me and I assume it's just my brain playing tricks on me. I shake my head, trying to clear my mind.

Arms wrap around me and I feel myself being pulled out of my car. I'm able to breathe in some fresh air, which really helps me come to my senses. I look up to see who saved me, only to come face to face with an unfamiliar pair of light green eyes.

I'm about to ask him who the heck he is when a different set of arms yank me out of the mystery man's grasp. A warm feeling immediately fills my body and somehow, I just know it is Braxton that's holding me.

I look up to meet his unusually dark blue eyes. His body is trembling against mine and I'm pretty sure I hear growling coming from deep inside his chest. My eyes widen at the angry look on his face, and l look over my shoulder to see whom his glare is directed on.

I see a guy with dirty blond hair and those light green eyes I saw just moments ago. My gaze travels down and I gasp in shock when I realize that he's nak-

A hand slams over my eyes before I see the guy's... area. I hear another growl and Braxton's angry voice commands "Put on some damn clothes, Caden."

I reach up and try to pull Braxton's hand off my face but, of course, he's too strong. "Let go!" I whine, pushing at his muscular chest.

"So you can see another man naked? Not going to happen," Braxton scoffs as he pulls me even closer to his body.

I wasn't planning on looking anyway, but I really don't like the way he phrased that sentence, specifically the words 'another man.' "What the hell is that supposed to mean?" I ask snappily.

Braxton doesn't answer my question, like usual, and finally drops his hand, only for it to wrap around my waist. He brings me to his side so we're both facing the (now dressed) guy who pulled me from my car, who is apparently named Caden.

"Three laps around the entire perimeter and you'll have double border patrol shifts for the next week. If you ever do something that endangers my mate like that again, the punishment will be much more severe," Braxton growls.

Caden's eyes widen and he looks like he wants to object, but thinks better of it. "Yes, Alpha," he says, before turning on his heels and sprinting off to God knows where.

I watch him retreat when something catches my attention out of the corner of my eye. "Oh my god," I whisper, my voice cracking.

Braxton immediately pulls me close, cradling my face in his hands. His features darken slightly when he sees the tears that brim my eyes. "Are you okay, princess?"

"My car!" I sob, trying to push Braxton off of me.

I'm pretty sure I see Braxton roll his eyes. "Are you okay, Brynlee?"

"My car!" I repeat. The front of my Mustang is completely wrecked. I'm pretty sure I'll never be able to drive my baby again!

Braxton lets out an annoyed sigh. "I do not care about that; I will buy you a new car. I care about you; are you okay Brynlee?"

His voice is so serious that I just can't ignore his question this time. "I'm fine."

Braxton's eyes travel from my head to my toes slowly, confirming that I am, in fact, fine.

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