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Hour 0915 (UK Time)
Military Airbase

It took 14 hours to get here. Damn. Anyway, I thought we were going to land at a normal airport.

Kirizaya: Let's go. They're waiting for us.

Me&Hu Tao: Shake/Got it!

We were in our heroes outfits. The door of the plane opened and we got off.

As soon as we stepped foot on the ground, a beardy man wearing boonie hat and full set of military armor approached us.

The man and Kirizaya started to talk in English.

Beardy Man: Hey, mate

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Beardy Man: Hey, mate. It's been quite some times.

Kirizaya: Nice to see you again, capt.

Captain: Same here. Let's talk while walking. The others are waiting.

We started walking.

Captain: Those two behind you are the friends you talked about?

Kirizaya: Yes.

He looked at us.

Kirizaya: (Y/N), Hu Tao, this is Captain Price. We met three years ago during a raid.

Me:*waves* Konbu.

Hu Tao just waved.

Price: Just call me Price. I see you have a weird way of speaking, kiddo.

He said while looking at me.

Kirizaya: Don't worry, Hu Tao will be with him so she can translate everything to you guys.

Price: A reliable comrade, indeed.

We then arrived in a military garage. There were two armored trucks that were ready to leave. There was a lot of soldiers gathered in the garage.

Price: Attention!

All of them looked at us.

Price: Some of you have known this guy but since I saw some new faces, I'll do a little introduction. This guy right here is a hero from Japan. Goes by the name "Grim Reaper". And he also bring new faces. The boy is (Y/N) and the girl is Hu Tao. They understand English well so I'm expecting no miscommunication, understood?

All of them: Understood.

Price: All right, let's get moving.

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