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A few days later
Hour 2345
My Room

I was doing my homework when someone knocked on my door.

Kirizaya: (Y/N), you're still up?

Me: Shake.

I answered with a louder voice than normal so he could hear me.

Without asking for permission, he opened the door and got into the room. I looked at him.

Me: Takana?

Kirizaya: I see you're busy with your honework.

Me: Shake.

Kirizaya: Well, you won't have to worry about homework for the meantime.

Me: Huh?

Kirizaya: You're confused, I see. Well, here's the thing. Since you're with me for your internship, you and Hu Tao will have some time off from school. I have talked it over with Childe and Nezu and they allowed it. My inluence around the globe played a big role in convincing them, if I'm speaking honestly.

Me: Tuna mayo?

Kirizaya: Well, before I tell you where are we going, I'll have to ask you something.

Me: Takana?

Kirizaya: How good you're at English? Two thumbs up if you said you're really good at it.

I gave him a single thumb up signalling that I wasn't bad at it.

Kirizaya: That's good enough. Pack your clothes, we leave in an hour.

Me: Wait, what?

Me: Takana?

Kirizaya: We're going to United Kingdom. The details will be explained later on.

I was surprised but before I could even protest, he left the room.

I took my phone on my table and texted Tartaglia.



Hey, care to explain why I'm going to United Kingdom?

Oh, that. Well, it's a important mission, actually. Don't want to ruin the surprise, so just wait for tomorrow.

Ugh, what's up with you and Kirizaya?


Well, I think it's better to reach out for Aiko.



Hey, you're still up?

Yep. Need anything?


What is it?

Do you know what case Kirizaya is taking care of?

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