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Today was the big day.

I looked at myself in a full length mirror as I adored my floor length gown. It was a long sleeved dress that was made of lace. The lace had a floral pattern which was intricately designed with glittered embellishments to make it sparkle from afar. The dress fit comfortably as it flowed snugly onto my legs where I could still walk properly. From my waist down, the lace was then layered with soft tulle from the outside which made the dress look flowy and light. The tulle fabric puffed the dress up to proportion the fit on my body. The lace neckline was in a shape of a V that showed a bit of cleavage.

My neck was adorned with the personalized necklace that Pierce had given me. Hugh was kind of skeptical when I told him that I wanted to wear it for the event. However, when he saw that it went quite well with the dress he gave it a go. My hair was tied into a messy low side bun with a dramatic side sweep over my right eye. Hugh then attached a mix of fresh white and light pink Ranunculus onto my hair to create a flower crown. Attached to the crown was my veil that flowed freely on my back down to the ground.

The make-up artist who was now working on my face gave me a fresh all-natural look. He worked on my eyes since he wanted to define and make my eye color pop. He then smeared a coral colored lipstick onto my lips then applied a bit of lip gloss to give it a glossy finish.

"All done!" He told me enthusiastically. I smiled gratefully and applauded his work. He definitely knew how to satisfy a client! The expected look that I wanted was beyond my expectations.

"You are phenomenal." I grinned as inspected my face on the mirror.

"Thank you." He gave me a curtsy and walked off to work on the others. I looked at myself again and never thought that I could look this pretty. What would Pierce think of my look? I giggled to myself as I couldn't wait to see his reaction.

"Vee!" Hugh squealed in delight as he entered the room. He sprinted towards me and halted abruptly in front of me. "I sure am a genius. You look gorgeous, babe."

I flushed as he commented on how I looked. He was the one and only designer of this magnificent dress that I was wearing right now. This was the last piece from Hugh's collection and he wanted me to wear it for this occasion. The dress was really special to him as he told me that it was his most favorite one since he was truly inspired by it. I felt completely honored wearing his creation.

Over the years, Hugh had made a name for himself in the fashion industry. He never expected that he would make it to the top. He was just that blessed with such talent. I couldn't be more proud of him. He had come a long way and it was nice to see him in his element.

"Five more minutes before show time!" A woman shouted from the entrance. She was the organizer for this event. Hugh then looked at me with a serious expression. He grabbed my cold hands as he took a deep breath.

"You remembered what to do, right?" He asked.

"Walk with poise and avoid letting my face fall flat onto the ground. Yes, I got it." I squeezed his hands to assure him that I could do this.

Hugh took a deep breath and released it. He closed his eyes and chanted something in a low voice that he could only understand. I gave him a puzzled look. He was more nervous than I was which earned a low chuckle from me. He opened his eyes and sighed.

"Not helping, Vee." He playfully glared at me as I gave him a grin.

"Hugh, it's going to be perfect."

"You know events like these make me a nervous wreck." He sighed to calm himself down.

I chuckled as I found Hugh's distress amusing. He didn't give himself enough credit that he had been doing a splendid job with his art. I patted his back and kissed him on the cheek to reassure him that I was fine. The dress was fine and that the event was definitely going perfectly.

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