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* * * *

Bruce! Bruce, Yamada.

    "Oh my gosh...." I whisper to myself, shocked.

    He's right here. Standing, right in front of me.

    Gulping, I say

    "Hey, I remember you...." His shoulders tense up. Him, not expecting any company.

    Calming his shoulders, he doesn't move. He just continues standing there. Not moving. Not an inch.

       Eventually, he slightly turned his head sideways.

    "Whose he got, this time?"

    What? He? This time- Oh....

    Frowning, I sigh. Opening my eyes, I force a smile.

    "Y'know, the person whose arm is mint." I joke,

       "Mint....?" He fully turns around. The both of us, now face-to-face.

    Oh my gosh....

    covering my mouth, I shake my head. I can't believe what I am seeing....


       Bruce was in such horrible condition.

    The Grabber....dad....why would he do something like this to him, and other young kids my age. How could he do this to kids, this young? To anyone?

       Bruce's hair was so messed up. His skin, pale. Just like Griffins. And, he had a very deep cut, cutting through his eye.

    Including with multiple bruise's, all over his arm. His clothes....ripped.

    Seeing this made me nauseous.

       After the both of us were silent for quite a while, Bruce's eyes widen.

    "Y/N? What're you- No....did the Grabber....did he....?" Immediately, I knew what he wanted to say.

    Tearing up, I nod.

    "He got me, too." Bruce frowns, clenching onto his stomach.

       Silence, again.

    I start to cry, covering my face.

    Bruce say's nothing, hugging me. My head, laying on his chest. He strokes my hair, gently.

       "Did it hurt this bad, for you? When you....when you woke up, and realized? Because, this is hurting so, so bad. Everything hurt's!

    My whole body, feeling fragile. Barely being able to stand. My whole body just feels so numb.

       Bruce nods,

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