Chapter 20~ Dani

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Dani's POV

"She's not breathing," Kristin mutters. We all stand silently, surrounding Shay's body, which looks cold and pale.

"Don't just stand there! Frickin' call 911! This is a murder!" Kyle yells.

"No, it's not," Aiden states, holding up an empty bottle of sleeping pills.

"Some were dropped on the floor, guys, I think it was a suicide," Aiden adds.

"No, no, no, no! Stop! She's not depressed. Yeah, she's been having trouble, but she's alive, see? Let's take her shopping! C'mon, Shay, get up, let's go shopping!" I cry, tears streaming down my cheeks as I tug at her arm. Jonah pulls me away, and I hug him tightly. I cry on his shoulder, and he comforts me.

"What's this on the floor?" Kristin picks up a crumbled up piece of paper. She sobs as she reads it.

"It was a suicide," she states, showing us the paper. It's a suicide note. I begin to cry harder and harder as I read it. Who's going to tell her mom?

"Honey, I'm home!" I hear her mom say.

"Miss Quarters," I call her name as I walk out of Shay's room. Shay and her mom look like twins, except her mom's eyes are hazel and she has a lot of wrinkles on her face. My eyes are filled with tears.

"Hello dear, where's Shay?" She asks, and I begin to bawl.

"I'm s-so-sor-sorry," I cry, wiping my nose.

She walks into Shay's room and sees her cold yet peaceful body.

"No this isn't happening," she cries, and then drops to the floor.

"She wrote this," Kristin states, handing her the suicide note.

"I didn't get to say good bye," she mutters as she reads it.

"Miss Quarters, should we dial 911?" Jonah asks.

"Please" she answers, picks herself up, walks into her room, and then locks the door.

"I feel so bad for her," Kyle mumbles, and then I call an ambulance.


Moments later, an ambulance arrives, same with the police. They ask where her mom is and I just tell them she knows about the suicide, so they move on.

As I watch them carry out her poor, limp body, I feel like I can't breathe. She's gone. She's really gone. Jonah notices this so he comes over and wraps himself around me. I turn around and kiss his cheek, then continue watching this.

"Guys, this is no time for The Notebook, we're in a Criminal Minds situation here," Kyle states, trying to lighten the mood, but we're all ready to bawl.

"Shay killed herself, okay? So have a little respect," Kristin snaps.

"Gee, Kristin, calm down, you didn't even know her that well," Aiden mumbles.

"Really? And you call being her slave knowing her better?" She asks.

"I wasn't her a slave, I was her boyfriend," Aiden growls.

"Guys, shut up, and let's go outside to try and shoo away the newscasters when they arrive," Kyle says, and then we all follow his lead.


The newscasters show up moments later. As calmly as possible, I try to tell the newscasters to get out. It takes awhile, but with Jonah's, Kyle's, Kristin's, and even Aiden's help, we get them to leave.

When I go back inside, Jonah helps me make lunch for her mom.

"What should we make?" He asks.

"Her mom always loved spaghetti. I remember when we were a bit younger, she would always make it. At some point, Shay and I got sick of it but she kept making it just for herself and then we would have to make our own meal," I tell him, laughing at first, and then tearing up at the end.

"Hey, hey, it's okay. It is going to be to hard, but I am always here, alright?" He states, comforting me.

"Okay," I mumble, then go search through the cabinets for a box of pasta. I find an unopened box of noodles and cook them. Jonah makes a fresh sauce and then we sprinkle some shredded mozzarella on top. Once we are done, I carry it over to her door, and knock.

"Miss Quarters?" I say, and then I hear the door unlock.

"C-co-come in, dear," she mutters, opening the door. Her make up is smeared underneath her eyes, looking like huge dark circles.

"We made you some food," I state.

"Oh, um, thanks, could you set it on that dresser? I'm not hungry at the moment." She replies.

"Sure, just make sure you eat it, okay? We don't want you to get sick," I say.

"Of course, of course," she responds.

"Stay strong," I reply, then walk to the living room, and close the door behind me.

"Did she eat it?" Kyle asks.

"She said she wasn't hungry, I'm still feeling sick so I understand, I will make sure she eats it by dinner," I answer.

"Okay," Kyle says, and then all five of us awkwardly sit in silence on the couch.

"What are we supposed to do now?" Kristin asks, picking at her nail.

"Let's just wait for the hospital and police to get back to us. I am going to stay here since I am closest with her mom and I need to keep an eye on her. The rest of you guys can go home and if I hear anything I'll let you know," I answer.

"I want to stay with you," Jonah states.

"Jonah, maybe I should be alone right now," I mutter.

"If you really want that, then I'll go, but I am coming back tonight around 8 to take you home, okay? You are not sleeping here," Jonah states.

"Okay," I mutter, and then Jonah heads out.

"Bye, call me if you need anything," Kyle says, giving me a hug, and then heading out. Aiden follows behind him. As Kristin gets up, I stop her real quick.

"Did Shay say anything to you about her being so upset?" I ask.

"No, she just said she was happier than ever. I hate to be rude, but maybe I should stay, Shay liked me a lot more than she liked you, at least before her death," Kristin states.

"Seriously? You have to act like that?" I ask.

"It's true, see ya later," she replies, giving me a sarcastic smile, and then leaving.

"What a brat!" I growl, talking to myself once she's gone. Then, I go take a nap on the couch, and part of me hopes I don't wake up.


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