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Pen Your Pride


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~Prince Gumball~

I felt my cheek regain it's shape and I rubbed it. It stung like a bee and burned like fire. Fionna was about to hit me again when something giant came after her.

It was purple, black, and blue. It's eyes were red, a familiar red. There were giant wings along with giant arms and legs. Long claws scratched air and a girl screamed. The cat, Cake, sized up and knocked the giant creature off Fionna. She put Fionna on her back and ran away.

The creature started to shrink and then turned into Marshall. He had a few cuts on his right cheek. They healed and I crawled over to him. I clung on for dear life and started crying. "Hey, hey, shh. It's ok, babe. Don't cry."

"I was so scared. I've never been beat up before. A-and when she threw you, you st-started burning and I tried to get you b-b-but--"

"Shh... I know, darling. Let's go inside now." He lifted me up and we went inside. He fell back onto the couch and I was lying on top of him. He gently squeezed me and I yelped. I felt incredibly small. He started nibbling on my neck. I felt him start sucking on my collarbone. I moaned and leaned into him more.

"M-Marshall... we just got b-beat up... I don't think s-sex is the best option right now..." I stuttered out.

"That's ok, we can just do this." Marshall flicked his tongue on my skin and I shivered. I felt goosebumps go up and down my body. He kissed my neck numerous times and then found my mouth. I turned my whole body and now was facing him. We continued the kiss. My hands found themselves trying to take off Marshall's shirt. They succeeded and then I could trail my hands on his bare chest and on his abs. He unbuttoned his jeans and unzipped them as well. He tried to put his hand in my pants but I wouldn't let him.

Marshall flipped us over and made the kiss a little rougher. He then put his cold hands under my sweatshirt and started to leave feathery gestures with his fingertips on my skin. He is an awesome seducer. Well... he has had over one thousand years to practice.

"Marshall..." I moaned. I rolled over and then rolled off the couch. I sat on the floor, my back against the couch. I put a hand through my hair and propped my leg up for I could rest my arm on it, and then my chin in my hand. Marshall floated down to me.

"What's wrong?"

"Can we go back to the palace? It would be safe... I have guards."

"Sweetheart, I'm the Vampire King."

"I'm a prince... I have a perfect idea."

"Well, please share."

I sat criss cross applesauce and faced Marshall. He copied me. "I'm having a royal banquet soon... I could alter it and make it princes only. We could invite Fionna and that wretched cat of hers. Fionna finds a new prince, we can stay together, none of us gets killed... I think it's a good idea."

"You do have a point. And I like it. Let's get to that castle of yours before this backfires."

~Two updates in one day! I got inspiration and I'll probably pass out any minute now so please enjoy while you can! Check out the pic on the side!~

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