When you loved someone with every fiber of your being and suddenly they leave you.. It is possible to start over and love another? Could you finally break down your walls and let happiness in again

An fully give your heart to someone else, Is it worth the risk?

Jinki was slowly losing himself in depression keeping his pain hidden

Miyoung wanted nothing more than to escape her painful past Jinki becomes her escape

As he was looking to find love, Miyoung might be ready to start living again.. to possibly love again..

But will her mysterious and haunting past come back to make a painful future for jinki..?

Rating: R Genre: Thriller - Romance - Mystery.

Trigger Warning: This Story Contains Volience, Foul Language And Sexual Content, Please do not read if the above contents make you feel uncomfortable.


Jinki - Lee Jinki (Male Lead)

Miyoung - Hwang Miyoung (Female Lead)

Kibum (Key) - Kim Kibum (Jinki's Best Friend)

Minho - Choi Minho

Taemin - Lee Taemin

Nicole (Coco) Nicole Jung (Kibum's Close Friend)

Woohyun - Nam Woohyun (Kibum's Friend)

Jinah (Nana) Im Jin Ah (Minho & Hyungsik's Friend)


Shinee - RunAway

Hey, love! Let's run away!

Let's go even if we don't have a destination

If only you're by my side

I can go anywhere in the world, whenever — alright

Hey, love! Let's run away!

Never let go of this hand

Snsd - Great Escape

Grab my hands that only you can hold and we'll go away

We're escaping from here immediately, before it's too late.

We gotta escape, we got to escape, yeah

From everything without any exceptions

We gotta forsake, we got to forsake, yeah

Take my hand!

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