28. Manchester

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28. Manchester

"Thanks for the coffee. You didn't have too really." Liam smiled at me. I took a sip and then answered him.

"No it's fine really, after you saved me on the train it's the least I could do." I insisted.

The streets were packed and pedestrians were quite feisty and rude if you got in there way. He was pondering something I could see it on his face and as he was about to just let it go I nudged his arm with mine.

"Well go on! Just ask me!" I giggled slightly.

"Well, you're alone. I'm sure you have a boyfriend, right?"

"Uhm," I paused pondering mine and Harry's relationship. "We've been broken up for a month, but we still live together."

"Oh." He shook his head in comprehension.

"Yeah it's a bit confusing."

"So why are you actually here?"

"He's here for business and he wouldn't let me come with him so I came on my own."

"Without a bag of clothing or anywhere to stay?" He looked at me unbelievably.

"Ya see my friend-"

"Get out and stay out! I don't want to see your ugly mug inside my shop again! Do you hear me? I don't have time for-" Audrey shouted at the two kids that must've done something to her shop. She turned around in my direction and saw me standing there. "Rose Marie darling!" She ran up to me engulfing me in a hug. I held her tightly not wanting to let go. I've missed her and her attitude.

"Liam, this is my friend Audrey!"

"Is this your new boyfriend?" She asked bluntly.

"No m'am." He laughed at her insinuative comment. He put his hand on the back of his neck in embarrassment.

"M'am, do I look like your mum?!" She snapped popping her hip out.

"Audrey." I looked at her embarrassed.

"I'm kidding." She pushed me by the shoulder. "Come along now." She paused and then turned around, "you too." She pointed at Liam.

"Your shops beautiful. I haven't been in ages." I gushed.

"I know. But the shipments in the back in case you want a look see." She winked shoeing me off as she directed all her attention to Liam.

As I looked through the clothing rack I saw one top that particularly caught my eye. It was a jumper with spikes on the shoulder. I scooped it of the rack and walked back out to see Audrey and Liam in some conversation I had no desire to be in. I looked at the clothing but only really cared about my jumper.

"This." I paused setting it out on the counter. "How much?" I took out my purse and started to sort out money.

"For you love it's free." She winked and then put it in a bag. "Now, Liam here has told me about your train incident. You can't keep the men away!" Audrey gushed. I looked away a bit uncomfortable as she patted my hand. "No worries. I'll be keeping you safe. My flat is upstairs make yourself at home i'll be up shortly." She nodded. I smiled walking off knowing good and well she was shoeing me off again.

Well isn't Liam lucky...

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