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Virgin Taken on her Maiden Voyage

Kimberly Sloane had missed her deadline for the second time in a month. Her editor had subsequently booked her on a three week cruise sailing the Mediterranean and demanded she not return to dry land until she had met her deadlines. "This is not a holiday" her editor had warned.

Kimberly was innocently working, and minding her own business, when she was interrupted and distracted by the gorgeous and so attractive hunk Riccardo Buchannan. How was a girl supposed to work when such sheer brute magnetism contributed to one's brain freeze? He was not helping her cause much, using every opportunity trying to get her into his bed. Even when she had informed him of her innocence, he had promised her that she would be his before the shipped docked back home. How long could she fight her own growing attraction and desire for the sexy irresistible Riccardo Buchannan when she was not on this cruise ship for her pleasure?

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