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Hey, the song's 'New Summer Best Club Dance Music & Electro House MEGAMIX 2015- CLUB MUSIC' and the picture is of Elysabeth.

I stood uncomfortably in the middle of the sweaty, drunken dancing bodies. The bodies were twisting to the blaring club music as LED lights flashed, creating an alcoholic multi-colored mob. I felt someone's hand brush against my butt and I stiffened. I was prepared to punch the person in the face when I heard, "Oh, come on, you're not even wearing that sick dress I got you." I relaxed at the familiar dark flirty voice.

"It's 3 inches above my mid-thigh." I turned to look at the black-haired blue-eyed beauty I call a friend and vamp. "You'd still hot in it and make the guys drool." her contagious seducing laugh that made males - and some females - fall on their knees and beg for even a little sexual touch made me giggle when I saw guys literally stop dancing and stare at her in open-mouthed lust.

"So where's our sweet witch? She promised she'd come and party in the dress I picked out for her." her plump lip-gloss covered lips pouted as she swayed to the beat of the song deafening ears. I shrugged and looked around, casually glancing behind my shoulder, looking for the ginger Betula witch. I caught sight of her excitedly waving at us at the entrance, her 'The way you sway' dress fitting her nicely and her hair done in a plait braid. She walked over to us through the ocean of people in revealing outfits. "Greetings, Elysabeth, Dominia!" She tilted her head in the innocent ways she usually does and gives us a wide smile.

"Ooh, the pack all together. Woo." a violet-eyed brunette neared us in a red cocktail dress. We all laughed at Samintha and her face broke into a happier one, her lips curling and her eyes showing crow's feet and she joined in. We soon stopped and we sat at a booth in a corner, somehow getting glasses filled with each of our favorite alcohol in our hands. "Thanks, Domi." said vampire smirked and nodded her head.

"So, any reason for the sudden pack meet? I was having fun in Paris." Sami asked as she took a small sip of her whiskey. "My friend Hayley called me the other day. She says she got kidnapped by witches in New Orleans, so we need to go and help her, but I can't do it without my pack." they all nodded as a serious air took over.

"Rescue mission for an old wolf friend in New Orleans? Got it." Domi said. "Of course we're going to help a pack member." Sami nodded in unison with Renílaine. "The pack above all, and enemies well fought." we clinked our glasses together and chugged it down, in my shot of vodka, I tasted gin laced with blood. Probably from Domi's.

"So what're we doing here? I have my mustang, lets go on a road trip." Sami asked. We all agreed to take her car and exited. We all piled into the red mustang with Sami in the drivers' seat and Domi in the passenger. I must've slept most of the time between Mississippi and Louisiana, because we were nearing New Orleans. "How long have I been asleep?" I yawned, stretching out my limbs from the backseat. "Since we left the border of Mississippi, you hibernate like a bear in the winter." Rení replied as she sifted through her duffel bag. She had used her magic to transport our duffel bags full of clothes if this ever happened from our rooms and stuffed them in the trunk.

I was just glad she put a spell on all the bags so we could stuff as many things as we could, like in a walk-in closet, because that meant Sami was fully stocked on her weapons and books about every supernatural being, and Rení's full of her dozens of grimiores, herbs, ingredients, and many charmed items. I just filled it with personal items and my weapons and Domi stuffed it to the brim with blood bags, vials of vervain, stakes, and her many outfits. Of course I also had my ebony signet ring that had my pack's symbol; twin crescent moons back to back with a star in the middle and a wolf howling from the star, on a silver chain around my neck.

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