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I'm dead. I'm gone. Like, gone gone. No coming back.

    This is it. This is how this all ends....?

    It can't end this way....it just can't.

Thirteen. I only lived for thirteen years. That's it? This is how my life wraps up? Thirteen.

    I'm only just a kid. Still young. I had dreams, and howls that I wanted to accomplish.

    I can't accomplish them, anymore....?

The realization made my heartache. My chest, was hurting so bad.

    I feel like I'm drowning. It feels like there's no oxygen, at all. Feels like I'm drowning.

One thing I didn't admit was....I caused this to myself. Not the Grabber. I'm the one who caused my death to happen.

    I could've killed the Grabber. But, I didn't go any further?

    Why? Because,

My inner child who still hasn't healed from all this trauma, stopped me from killing him.

    I, me now, saw him as a killer. A child murderer. My younger self, still saw him as our father. Didn't view him as a killer.

    She just couldn't let me kill father....despite all the things he has done.

I was still on the floor, holding onto my lifeless body, still crying. Couldn't stop....crying.

    I've never felt so alone.


       Than, suddenly, footsteps. I heard footsteps.


    What? Who was that? My body, freezes. No, it can't be him....

       "N-No way...." Whispering, to myself. Shaking my head, refusing to believe.

     "What're you doing here? You're not supposed to be here...."

    Griffin. It's Griffin. Griffin!

"Griffin....?" Wiping my tear's, getting up.

    Taking a few deep breath's, I finally manage to turn around. Slowly, opening my eyes.

    Oh my gosh....

Griffin. He's here.

    He stood there, staring at me. His face, disbelief drawn all over.

    Gasping, I take a step forward. My heart aches, seeing the damage the Grabber has done to him, in person.

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