Chapter 2

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Rachel's POV

"Bye James. I'll see you tomorrow." I waved to the baby as him and his mom walked away.

"Finally there gone." My co-worker said falling on the ground.

"Come on Alice we have to clean up then we can go home." I told her as I tried to pick up the one hundred markers two of the kids knocked over.

"ugg why did I take this job." She groaned still not getting up.

"You know I don't need to deal with another baby, especially a big baby." I reminded her.

"Okay i'm getting up." She got off the floor and went over to vacuum the snack area. I sighed as I picked up the last 4 markers. I placed the box on the shelf then moved to clean up the playground.

"I am so not getting paid enough for this." Alice mumbled. I giggled as I walked outside.

"TAKE IT UP WITH THE BOSS." I yelled to her. I picked up the toy truck and placed it next to the others.

"Can...can I help you?" I over heard Alice ask. It was probably just a mom coming back for something.

"Um.... she's not here right now." I heard some more mumbling.

"Ah Rachel someone is here for you." I walked back inside and saw Alice next to a rough looking guy with black hair, and what seemed like a hundred tattoos.

"Um yes can I help you?" I asked walking towards him. Alice quickly walked away.

"Yes you can." He gave me a smile. He turned me around and I felt a metal object on my back.

"I suggest you do as I say unless you want your friend to get hurt." I concluded that the metal object was a gun. I looked back at the guy but he just pressed it into my back harder. I nodded my head afraid to even speak.

"Good. Now you and me are going to get in the car waiting for us. You are not going to say anything or try to run away." I nodded my head again as he pushed me towards the car. I opened the car door and slide in, the guy followed me inside.

"Before I go anywhere with you can you at least tell me your name." I asked him.

"Zayn." he mumbled. I nodded then looked out the window and watched as we speed past the town.

"Don't you think that we're driving to fast?" I asked him.

"I told you to shut.....UP." He grunted threw his teeth. I rolled my eyes at him then crossed my arm. I remembered that I had my phone in my back pocket. I slipped my hand in and grabbed it. I unlocked my phone and started to text Perrie.

~Hey going to be late have to..... The phone was ribbed out of my hands.

"Hey give that back." I tried to reach for it but was pushed back into my seat.

"Let's see who you were trying to text."

"Oh Perrie. Been keeping my eye on her for a while." Zayn said then slipped my phone into his jacket.

"You're her stalker. And you were at the coffee shop with us. You've been following me ever since I got to London." I started to get angry at him.

"Look you finally caught on." He smirked at me.

"We're here. " The driver said. Zayn grabbed my arm and dragged me towards an empty alleyway.

"Here you go boss." I was roughly thrown to the ground.

"You know niceness goes a loong way." I said as I got up dusting myself off.

"Good job." I heard someone say.

"Where are you? Who are you? Wait let me guess, your worst nightmare." I mocked. I heard someone chuckle behind me. I tried to see his face but he stayed hidden in the dark. Footsteps made there way towards me.

"So pretty, so innocent." I quickly grabbed the persons hand and pushed it away.

"Ohh feisty." I rolled my eyes at him.

"That just won't do." I felt something prick my arm then my eyes started to feel heavy and I collapsed on the ground.

Mystery Person's POV

She collapsed and I caught her in my arms.

"Zayn I think we should pay a visit to our little friend." I told him with a smirk.

"I couldn't agree more."

"Oh and while your at it why don't you bring a long her friend Perrie I believe." I told him knowing that he had been watching her for a while. He nodded then walked towards his car. And I walked towards mine. I placed Rachel in the back.

"Finally I got you."

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