Chapter | 38

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Warning: Happy ending! 🙂

love conquers all, but what of first love that never dies?

"What a pathetic monarch... can't even look at her opponent!" The Enchantress threw a much more mature demon against a tree and encased her by controlling its branches.

The Vampire Queen, blind and kept her eyes close, can only fight against her without vision. Even though she gets battered and beaten by a being she can't see, it's better to fight blind because once she opens her eyes, she will have no chance against the Enchantress.

"I tried to help you..." The Queen spits out, slicing the branches off and blindly attacking any space around her. "I tried to help you! But you are blinded by your hatred against supernaturals... tried to turn us against each other? I admit, that was a nice plan, Diwa."

"You walked right into it!" She cackled, slapping before kicking the Vampire Queen up in the air and slamming her to the ground. "You sent your vampire army in here to kill the Children! The Diplomats will be so delighted to hear the Vampire Queen had them killed..."

"My vampires did not kill the Children, Diwa..." and she was right. Almost all of them are unconscious and brought to safety by the Queen's many soldiers, with the help of the arks.

But, Diwa chuckled eerily. "We'll see about that, my Queen..."

"No!" She was about to cast a spell to fog the forest and kill her own army, but the Vampire Queen took a gamble and opened her eyes to tackle Diwa before she can cast it. It was too late to save her son, but she will risk her life to save these Children.

Opening her eyes was indeed a heavy mistake, for she is immediately transported to a realm not of reality. She is back in her castle, seeing a little boy playing with a chessboard on the floor.

It wasn't an illusion. It was a memory.

"H-hi... ?" The vampire queen can't help but call out to a beautiful young Lee Jei, who looked at her with a smile. A splitting image of her, pure and untainted.

"Hi, Mama. I can't wait to be King! Maybe then you'll finally be proud of me!"

She smiled, tears flooding her eyes until they spill violently on the ground. "No... no, my baby... you don't need to be King. I'm proud and I love you always, whatever life you may choose."

"Mama? But I thought I am nothing until I am king?" That was the Queen's words to him; painful, regrettable words. The child calls out for her, but she refuses to go to him.

"I'm sorry..." she knows Lee Jei isn't listening, and she can't change the past, but she genuinely tells the boy, "I'm sorry I treated you as nothing but an heir... I'm sorry I treated you as nothing but a Prince. Lee Jei, you are my son."

"Mama..." the young Prince left his chessboard. "I'm so happy, Mama. Maybe when I grow up, I can finally get a hug from you."

The Queen's heart broke and she ran to her son, engulfing him in a hug and crying against his shoulder. "I've always yearned for what I can't have... ignoring what I already have. I love you, Lee Jei. I wouldn't have chosen anyone over you..."

The child replies, "I wish you could've told me that, Mama. I wish I could've heard that." Before something pierced the guts of the Vampire Queen, shattering the illusion.

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