5 years after the events in The Shadows, trouble is back to the kingdoms. Beginning in Insomnia, the Light sickness, or white death, kills King Jackson. This sends Senses, Insanity, Insomnia, and Sorrow into chaos. To Queen Carter's surprise, the kingdom of Death isn't behind the sickness. Join Carter, Luna, Gearhead and others in their adventure to find the last lost Kingdom of Light, and a man from Carter's dark past.


WARNING!!!!!!!: To Be Part Of This Role-play, You Have Of Had A Valid Part in "The Shadows" ((Ex. You had been in 5 parts and continuously replied and role-played, or had a main character part.)) If you did NOT have a character in The Shadows, or your character was never on/not a main character, I will delete and ignore your request! If you are unsure, ASK ME BEFORE YOU ENTER!!!!! If you were a VALID PART of The Shadows, and want to make a new character, you have to play both Characters. If you would like to UPDATE YOUR CURRENT CHARACTER ((Character In The Shadows)), Please put OSC ((Original Shadows Character)) beside their name.