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Hello my dear (Y/N),

A certain object can change us, right? Finding that certain object can inspire us and totally lead us to a new adventure. It might be a dog, a friend, a boy, a book, but the majority of it in this generation are bands. YES, BANDS. Be it Rock, Pop, or any other genre. We are feeding on them and they keep us alive. They're like these perfect objects that makes us weep, bleed, dream, and most of all, they bring us JOY.

It's so nice of you to find and patronize my book. For the record, this is the first book I've ever publicized, even though I've already made several stories and novels. This one is purely made out of fantasizing and fangirling, especially on a night that snapped me to make it, like a tinge or something, that is, on a band called One Ok Rock ( OOR ).

I met them (is "met" really the right word to use? *laughs*) Okay, I first heard of their badass music when Animax showed their music video of Answer is Near in the Spring of 2013. One word.Mindblown!

The sole purpose of this story is not to make fun of them, but to bring you that happiness that you always want to find, those fantasies that you store in your head in case that you're already with them.Now, I made this for YOU that's why you're here. You're named Kuro Yukishiro (that was just a name I experimented on) , feel free to block her name and insert yours. Often it is in First Person POV, so it feels that you're telling the story you experienced with the characters. Now I may change the POVs in some parts to maximize the FEELS, but I know you'll competently understand.

You're waiting for the story now, I know. I should shut my blabbering mouth. Feel free to ask me questions, I'll be happy to reply. Oh, you're also a fan and beginning to be a fan of OOR?! Leave me a message, and if I can harvest ample time, we'll talk.

And just a reminder, this is a work of fiction. Any resemblance to the names and events is purely coincidental. I do not own One Ok Rock, (damn, I wish......) their members, and most of all, their songs, which legally and rightfully belongs to them.

To make things clear, this story is still in progress. I know waiting is inevitable, but I assure you, patience is a virtue. I know having an update exhilarates a person, and I have plenty of it in the bag.

You need to sink this in. You are a character in this story. You are a part of this. YOU. You are Kuro Yukishiro.Now that everything is clear, I hope you enjoy!

Sincerely yours,



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