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         She couldn't hear anything except her breathing and the rimineers chasing after her. She shuddered in disbelief from how rimineers were created. They weren't normal creatures, but monsters seemed to be a nice name to call them. Rimineers. Part bloodhound and part cheetah with just a little bit of dragon and immortality on the side. Either way, they're monsters.

            It was hard to run away from them, but Alicia managed to find a loophole. They can't stand moonlight and that night had a full moon. Even with that advantage, she still ran because moonlight wouldn't stop Laqueit.


Alicia stopped, hearing the voice echo through the night.

"Find her even with the moonlight! Or I will slay you all!"

         She shivered and began to run again. Everything seemed to disappear, but Alicia shook her head knowing it was Laqueit's doing. He wanted her to join him and be powerful with illusions, but she refused. Though it had only been a year ago, she wondered what made her so interesting. As her thoughts drifted away, she felt a powerful force grab her will and crumble it into pieces.


"Yes." He hissed.

She could feel herself being controlled by Laqueit and she screamed her last scream. The scream that should've saved her life if Laquet hadn't controlled it. And because of that one battle of wills, chaos had erupted....Through something that was made in the future... Chaos had erupted in Disneyland.


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