Chapter Two

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Tiffany's POV

''Okay are you ready?" I said

"Of course I'm ready. The real question is are you Tiffany?"

"You bet I am."

"Okay 3....2...1..."


5 Years ago

"Mom this is awesome!!!!"I said

"Really ?! I'm so glad you like it"

"Yes, this is the best surprise ever !! Going to Taylor Swift's FEARLESS concert is sooo cool ! I couldn't have asked for any thing better!!"I said with excitement on my way to Taylors First concert.

On the ride to the concert we were listening to the whole Fearless album and I realized that I knew every single song on that album by heart.


"Just take my hand and drive me head first fearless" were the words I sang at the end of my video .

"You did great Tiffany" said Rachel

"Thanks , I could not do this with out you ,you know ." I said

"Well , I just hope that we will win but you know that is like 1 in a million chances so it is very unlikely"

"Don't think of it like that Tiff . Lets just hope we will win and get to meet Taylor herself in person.


In Tiffany's dream

"Thanks mom. Good night " I said as I walked to my room

when I closed the door I got my computer and looked up "Taylor Swift fans" on Google I found out that they are called "swifties".

"What are swifties ?" I murmured to my self so, I decided to look that up then I realized that I'm a swiftie

"Yay I'm a swiftie" I said while I was jumping up an down on my bed.

As soon as I calmed down I lied in bed and as soon as I made my self comfortable in the bed I woke up from the dream.


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