Chapter | 37

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Warning: Wanna see a catfight??


"This is not a game anymore, my children," says the almighty Enchantress, standing two feet higher than the tallest child in the sanctuary. She showed them an image of the deceased Yuri's body. "My strongest teacher had a weak mind and was manipulated to fight against us... my second strongest is dead. So you know these people are deadly."

Doctor stares heartbroken at Yuri's death. She was once a sweet young girl driven to madness by the loss of her family. At least she is with them now, hopefully her head is back with her too.

"The treachery of Seraphine even caused Val's illness to get worse. Unfortunately, she cannot fight with us," she announced. Val's closest friend, the red headed Sally, leans against Doctor in order to hide her tears against his shoulder. They lost a fellow teacher and a fellow friend.

"We must defeat the Vampire queen's army. They will come for you, and kill you, so she can rule the world. The Ghost Princess..." she holds her hand out to the little girl who seemed to be scared of her, "Shall stay with me. To be protected. The rest of you, fight for her. Fight for your life. Are you ready?"

"Yes, my lady."

The Enchantress smile lights up the entire estate.
"I am proud of you, my Children. Christian will be proud of you."

"Death to the Vampire Queen!" Doctor announced, to which they all chant, "Death to the Vampire Queen!"



"The Arks have left along with all my military personnel and weapons. They will retrieve my son and burn that witch Diwa. I have also withdrew my attacks on Japan and your helicopter is being prepared."

Though the queen still has that cold, merciless look on her face, Tenneh still smiles at her happily. "I knew you'd change your mind. I didn't doubt your character one bit."

"I killed your friend."

Before they sent me here, she foresaw her death in the hands of a friend. Nisha allowed it to happen, since it is fated.

"And it still hurts, Sisi. She didn't deserve that. She was and always have been our friend."

"She took part in the murder of my brother, and so did you."

"The brother you didn't care about?" The Queen was silenced. Tenneh tells her, "But I can't take back time. I've always understood how hurt you are. Losing a son... seeing me... they thought I could change your mind, but I couldn't. At the very least... you did, now."

Apologize, The Queen demanded to herself, unable to take her guilty eyes away from Tenneh.

"My son, Sisi?"

"He will stay here with me, since he is a Vampire Prince. You can visit him if you'd like. But Shen is resting in his new bedroom."

Tenneh smiles. "Can I visit you, too?"

The Queen's heart fluttered, but her stubborn face scowls. "Don't think I still want to see your face!"

"I'm starting to think you're keeping Shen here so I can come visit him, and you can see me."

"Narcissist!" The Queen yells at her. "I still haven't forgiven you! Me taking your son was a punishment, don't smile at me!"

"You love him," Tenneh ignores her anger, just like she always has when they were kids. "Because if we were to have a child, he is a perfect mix of us. Because of that, I am at peace leaving him in your hands. You'd never hurt our son."

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