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I slept quietly in bed, finally able to sleep when I heard the front door open and close. I heard stumbling footsteps then the bedroom door open, then the bathroom followed by a loud bump.


I leaned up in the bed and threw the covers off of me to get up. I walked into the doorway of the bathroom and stood there with my hand on my hip.

"Hey baby- ooh you ain't got no pants on." He smirked slurring his words.

"Brandon you're drunk." I smiled walking over to him.

"Nah I'm good baby."

I rolled my eyes and walked over to the glass doors and turned the shower on for him. I started taking his clothes off and tried to convince him to get in.

"Get in with me." He said staring down at me.

"Brandon no, I just showered." I whined still pushing him in.


"Fine." I sighed taking my T-shirt and underwear off.

I stepped in with him and helped wash him off but he kept rubbing me and touching my breast. I hated how horny he could be when he was drunk but I had to admit it was funny. I made sure we were rinsed off and we stepped out. I threw him a towel, dried off and got dressed. I got him into his sweats and we climbed in bed. I laid across the bed on my back while he laid on my lower stomach. I rubbed his curls and he was asleep in seconds. I closed my eyes and drifted off with him.

-This is my first story, please leave feedback and questions.

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