Dating the Son of Zeus *5*

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"Ok so here's the deal," Penelope said to the group. "Mr. Marlow has managed to get us into that high school."

I felt myself breathing a sigh of relief. Ever since I had walked away from that school two days ago I felt like I was going insane. Every part of me burned with the desire to go back. It was constantly on my mind. It even invaded my dreams. It was always the same, standing in front of the school. No one was around. The silence was eerie. There were no cars, no people, not even the sound of the wind. And as I stand there looking up at the pale red brick building I can see how faded it looks, and looking even more closely I can see what's left of graffiti. Out of no where that voice calls to me. "Hercules." It cut through the silence like a knife. Looking around I try to see where it's coming form but I can't. "Hercues." it calls again. I can tell it's a girl but that's all that I am able to figure out. I know that it's coming from inside the school. I walk to the doors and as I try to open them.....I wake up. Everytime.

"Hercules! Are you paying attention?" Penelope's voice cuts through my thoughts.

"Yeah of course."

Giving me a stern look Penelope continues. "Our back story is that we are all foster kids who moved here from California. We are supposed to be about 17 years old."

"We are supposed to be that young?!" Perseus asks.

"Well we do look like we're that young," Penelope reminds him.

"Is that all we need to know?" I ask. I really wasn't in the mood to hear Perseus complain.

"No there is the matter of our names changing."

"WHAT?!" We all said at once.

"We have to change our names? Why?" Leonidas says.

"Well names like Hercules and Leonidas aren't exactly common anymore," Penelope says looking them straight in the eyes.

"So what are our new names," Perseus says disgusted.

"Well Marlow attempted to keep them as close to our original names as possible. So Perseus, you are now Percy." She continued before Perseus could complain. "Leonidas you are now just Leon, and Hercules, you have the most drastic change of all. You are now Hayden."

I thought about it for a minute. It definitely wouldn't have been my first choice, but in a way I liked it. It didn't hold as much power as my real name, but in a way it suited me.

"And what, pray tell, is your new name?" Perseus asked.

Penelope suddenly looked very smug. Smiling she said, "I get to keep my name. According to Marlow it 'Is not a common name, but not an other worldly one'."

"How unfair is that?!?" Leonidas says.

"Okay so when do we start?" I asked.

"Tomorrow. We have to be there at 7 and according to Marlow he said that we need to bring these supplies." Penelope held up a list that read 'School Supplies' in bold black lettering.

"So tomorrow," I said smiling.


I stood staring at the outside of the building. It was almost just like my dream, except that there were kids everywhere. Kids that looked exactly my age, though of course they weren't. We might look young, but we were far from it. Looking around I saw groups of kids huddled together, and the differences between them were as clear as night and day. Standing on the outside wall of the building, under the shade of a tree, were a group of boys. They were all wearing faded blue jeans with tears in the knees. Their plaid over shirts they wore were faded as well. They kept their heads close together when they spoke, as if what they had to say was so important it would be disasterous if they were overheard. I highly doubted that it was.

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